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Line speed drop

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Line speed drop

My line speed has recently dropped. I had some problems with the WiFi on my router and had restarted it 2 or 3 times. Subsequently the line speed has dropped from something >50Mbps to 43Mbps and over a week later has still not recovered.

Assume there is some link management happening as a result of the resets on the router, but is it possible to reset the management to allow the link to resync at the higher speed again?

Do I need to raise a problem ticket, or do PlusNet staff still monitor these forums?

Have just restarted again this morning after a firmware update on the router, stats below.




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Re: Line speed drop


Plusnet staff do monitor this forum but can be thin on the ground at weekends and over holiday periods. My understanding is that Plusnet can only request a DLM reset on fibre connections if the line has been banded. Plusnet can check this for you. Alternatively you just need to leave it switched on and be patient.

If you do need to switch the router off before things recover then be sure to go into your router settings and properly drop the DSL connection before switching the power off.

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Re: Line speed drop

Hey @witnic,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry you are having this issue with your speed, after running some remote tests - nothing conclusive in terms of banding has come back to us. I'd have to agree with @Baldrick1 - leave the connection on for the time been, the more you restart it - the more likely DLM will start to kick in and see these restarts as drops in connection and subsequently lower the speed to enhance the stability of the line.


Give us a nudge if you do start to notice the speed slow further and we can take it from there.