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IP Address muddle...

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IP Address muddle...


I'm "asking for a friend" (no really I am!)
My friend and I are both Plusnet users. She reported an issue trying to purchase something from an American website. I had said "The price is in USD, with GBP in brackets, and you pay in GBP". She went to the website and the price was only in USD.

I got her to send me a contact form from my own website, which returned her REMOTE_ADDR and REMOTE_HOST.
I also sent myself a contact form to get my own REMOTE_ADDR and REMOTE_HOST.

Both my fields look up correctly in WHOIS IP - REMOTE_HOST pinpoints my town, and REMOTE_ADDR pinpoints the ISP.
Her two fields (both different to mine) correctly point to the ISP, but places her in Harvard University.

Clearly, the Plusnet dynamic IP address she's been given (internal to Plusnet) clashes with a valid external IP address.

My question is "Has Plusnet made a mistake or has the shop in America used the wrong REMOTE_xxxx to localise her address?

Many thanks!

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Re: IP Address muddle...

ISP's are allocated / have bought ranges of IP addresses.
PN obtained some and their geo-location records are are still down as the USA rather than the UK.
IP address issued by PN are not internal.
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