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ccgi and domain names

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ccgi and domain names

23/10/12 01:24
I am trying to write code to get a secure email form running. I have the form and it works fine, but it is in the ccgi and the main forms are html. The problem comes with the general menu buttons. They are configured to run using the main domain names and fail when in the ccgi form.
My linking page has  '<p><font size="2">For order: <'a href="">Orders</'a></font></p>' as the linking reference and the form page displays in the url, I need the form to display in the url instead. (note I have added a few ' to allow the correct viewing of the code).
How can I achieve this? I am very new to html and php coding and I am currently using namo webeditor for my website designing.
26/10/12 02:01
Can anyone help with my issue please.
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Re: ccgi and domain names

Hi juton,
Just to clarify, are your html pages on the homepages platform and the php email script on ccgi? If that's the case then I'm guessing the reason your menu buttons fail is that they use relative urls and you would need absolute urls, starting with http, to point at files back on homepages.
There is an email-form script provided for homepages, if that's of any use. But if you need to use a custom form on ccgi, and want all your pages at, then you would have to move all pages to the ccgi platform and point your domain at that rather than homepages. I'll hold off listing the steps to do that till we know if that's the problem and solution.