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madasafish email on phone

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madasafish email on phone

Hello there, I know this has been covered before, but I've tried fixes from several post, and have got nowhere. can anyone help? 

I have madasafish email with an @mydomain email address dating from way back. 


I've got some different work coming in, and would like to install email on my phone, but I've never been able to make it work, despite trying all possible combinations of my @madasafish email and my @mydomain one. is there some definitive, these definitely work, settings somewhere on here? 


Also, given how annoyingly difficult all this has proved to be, is there some way I can tansfer  my @mydomain email to plusnet? is that a thing? or even access it in some other way.

also, I've no idea where my personal email domain name comes from; I chose it, do I own it? can I transfer it? 


Apologies for the many questions. I have spent hours trying to be able to read emails on my phone, which other people seem to do easily. 😕

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Re: madasafish email on phone

Hi @Ceebright thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our community forums,

If I'm looking at the right domain that's attached to your forum profile, it's currently registered and hosted by us under Madasafish and while we'd be able to transfer this to a Plusnet broadband account if you have one, apart from a few benefits it should work in much the same way as it does now. I've posted a bit of information Here about that.

If you'd want to transfer your domain out to a new provider altogether, that's something we'd be able to arrange assuming you're the account holder. If that's the case we'd just need what's called the IPSTAG of the new provider although this likely won't solve your issue of setting up your mail on your phone.

Are you able to login to typing in your full domain email address as the username, leaving the 'Server' as 'Plusnet' and the password would be your account password which you should be able to reset Here if you need to. 

If you have more than one mailbox for your domain i.e. something else before the @ symbol you'd be able to reset the password for the additional mailboxes through your Madasafish account.

There's instructions Here which should help with that. To login to your Madasafish account, you'd just use your full Madasafish email address (not domain) as the username and the password is your account password.

Assuming that you're able to access your emails through webmail, to set them up on a mail program on your phone, the process can vary depending on the make and model of the phone but the server settings will be consistent.

The settings you'd need are:

Username: your full domain email address

Password: your account password unless it's an additional mailbox then the password for that mailbox

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:

Incoming port: 110 if you're using something called POP3, or 143 if you're using IMAP (We've explained the differences between POP and IMAP Here)

Outgoing port: 25 or 587

SSL/TLS: Off or None

SMTP Authentication: Yes

Having said that, I realise I've assumed that your account is Madasafish, as it may be an off-shoot of the Madasafish brand like Freenetname, Totalise, IC24, Globalnet, Care4free etc as they all have different mail server addresses. You'd likely know if your account was one of these as this would've been the company you've have initially signed up to albeit long ago.

Feel free to let us know if you need any further guidance or if I've just made things more confusing, hopefully not! 🙂

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