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Oldjim has passed away

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Sad news indeed; He helped so many people, myself included!

Rest easy Old Jim

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Having been on the forum since 2002 I have seen most of oldjim's posts and he never failed to amaze me with his knowledge and helpfulness. He thoroughly deserved the achievement of being a 'Legend'!


I was never a mod at the same time as oldjim as he left some 6 or 7 months before I joined the team but they were big shoes to fill.


In my first few weeks as mod I often approached him through PMs for advice and he was always willing to help or point me in the right direction.


Farewell, oldjim. Truly a fine gentleman whose legacy will remain and his name will never be forgotten.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

He was a gentleman sadly to be missed. It would be a worthy memorial to his memory for all to emulate his gentility in our discussions.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Moderators Note.
I've removed some posts that were moving away from words of condolence
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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Just seen this, very sad as Old Jim has helped me a few times on here over the years, will be missed for sure. RIP Oldjim

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Sorry to hear , he sorted me out many times.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Reading what others have said I never had the pleasure of meeting Oldjim but on reading this it honestly brought tears to my eyes.

It’s odd how reading news like this affects you even when there is no physical connection, a genuine loss to his family and friends and of course to the community.

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Re: Oldjim R.I.P.

@7up wrote:





Oldjim was the very first person to help me on the old forum, he was a very helpful and highly knowledgeable forum member. And though I never knew him personally, Reading this has saddened my heart. .R.I.P Oldjim Sad can't believe I am typing this!! 

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

I've only just read this. Oldjim taught me everything I know about the internet, starting from base zero. My sincere condolences to his wife & family. RIP to a great man.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

Yes he certainly put a lot of time and effort on here, not just being a moderator but helping others out.

Clearly knew what he was doing too - any advice he gave you'd knew he would be right.

I wish I had met him in real life now. To the people who have, you should feel privileged.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

So sad to read this.

Rest in peace Oldjim.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

RIP Oldjim will be sad to missed him on this forum. Thoughts go out to his wife and the rest of his family relatives.

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Re: Oldjim has passed away

I'm sorry that my reply to this is somewhat delayed as I don't frequent these forums often.

I had the pleasure to moderate this community with Jim for a few years along with Dvorak, Barry Zubel and others.


Jim was a fount of all knowledge and the community has an oldjim sized hole in it now. I hope that Jim is now resting peacefully. My condolences to his friends and of course his wife and family.



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Re: Oldjim has passed away

I regret that I have only just come across this notice.  How desperately sad.  Oldjim helped me with technical problems so often, as he did so many other people.  He will really be missed.

This Forum is probably what has kept me loyal to Plusnet for the last twenty years despite many ups and owns.  Oldjim was a major contributor to the Forum's success for which so many of us owe him a debt of gratitude.  He will be really missed.

Not only was he a wise head with a good sense of humour, but he lived in a beautiful part of the Country, a region I share with him.  His posts were always friendly and constructive, and I never remember a negative comment from him.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Nick Sherman