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Improving service information communication

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Improving service information communication


A message from the Superuser Group.


It is noticeable that issues relating to the Plusnet service often crop up in seemingly isolated Community posts but contributions to the topic (and in parallel topics) show the problem is more widespread. Analysis makes it clear the issue remains well short of a significant service exception which would qualify for a report on the Service Status portal. Nevertheless members often comment that such a report would be useful and should be made.

The Superusers have discussed with Plusnet how communications related to such issues could be improved. Conclusions follow...

Within the community there is a "Service Status" board which is felt to have somewhat been under utilised; it and the Service Status tool having the same name has not been helpful in using the forum board to its full potential of communicating information on known (comparatively) low-level issues being experienced by users. Over recent months it would have been useful to have been able to report, in one place within the forum, information about issues (and their resolution) which have impacted specific segments of the user base, such as...

  • No invoice in failed billing error message
  • Plusnet protect not working correctly
  • DNS Issues
  • Safeguard not working properly

Our plan is to change the use and name of the forum board "Service Status" - it will be renamed to "Service Information".

In this board Plusnet will post known issues advising

  • What the issue is
  • How a customer can diagnose if it impacts them
  • If it impacts them offer workarounds
  • Provide a link to a topic for user discussions
  • Notify of resolution

Plusnet will post updates as and when there is more information on the issue.

Users might find it helpful to subscribe to this board to receive notifications of service updates as and when they happen.

In future "Service Status" will refer only to the Service Status tool in the user portal, issues reported there will be set at thresholds decided internally by the business.


Thank you

The Superuser Team

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager