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Mobile App Update

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Community Gaffer
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Mobile App Update

We spoke to you some time ago now to let you know we’d be launching an App for our Mobile customers. As we've never done anything like this before, we have taken the last year to make sure this is built on solid foundations, the project plan is durable and fits with the overall business roadmap. 

Over the last few months we’ve started to pull together the requirements we believe should be included in App and have performed extensive research with key experts within the Mobile App production industry, to flesh these out. To make sure we’re doing the right thing for you, we’re currently performing customer interviews: gathering requirements and validating our product requirements and this’ll make sure the Mobile App will definitely fit with what you want.


We’re also gonna be carrying out user testing with customers throughout the design and build phases, to make sure the App is intuitive, to deliver what you need. I’ll make sure our Superusers are included on this and they can then feedback to you, how it’s going.

We actually started production on the project in January and around mid March we’ll have a user validated understanding of the features which we’ll be including for the release and once we have these, I’ll share them with you. Around about May, I’ll also be able to let you know what our expected launch date will be too. 

As we go through the different stages of the project and we know more information, I’ll start to share this you.




 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager