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Migrating from live mail to Windows 10 mail

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Migrating from live mail to Windows 10 mail

Not my choice but user took an instant dislike to Thunderbird...

Does the current version of the mail app support local folders? I have a distant recollection that you could force it to make a local folder by importing messages but I can't find that now.

Also given that I probably don't have a working livemail to read the address book/contacts file any suggestions for how to extract or import the address book?

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Re: Migrating from live mail to Windows 10 mail

It's perfectly possible to install and run Windows Live Mail 2011 or 2012 on Windows 10 provided you can track-down the offline installation files.  Both have their flaws; 2012 tries to use some defunct system if you tell it you want to attach a photo to an email so you have to attach photos as files and not as photos.  Once you have installed the Live Mail program and run it once you can replace the entire folder with the old one and all the emails are transferred.  I cannot remember if that covers the Address Book or if that has to be deal-with separately.

I have not heard of local folders on the Windows 10 mail app but that's not to say it isn;t possible.


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Re: Migrating from live mail to Windows 10 mail

Win 10 mail is not an overly good mail client. If your party is used to WLM they are unlikely to like Win10 mail.

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