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DD-WRT on plusnet hub one - questions galore

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DD-WRT on plusnet hub one - questions galore


Im looking to put the DD-WRT firmware on my PlusNet Hub One and I was wondering if anyone has achieved this and if there any negative aspects of doing this?

I cant seem to find the pins which require soldering to connect to a TTL and if anyone has experience of doing this can they offer up some advice please? I have capable soldering skills and shouldn't have issues TFTP'ing the firmware but some guidance is always appreciated. Thank you





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Re: DD-WRT on plusnet hub one - questions galore


The PN Hub One is reported to be the same device as the BT Home Hub 5 type A.

The wiki to install Openwrt can be found at

 I tried this on an old BT Home Hub 5 I had lying around. I failed 😞 lost serial comms with the Home Hub.

Despite being not being a novice with a soldering iron, I found it difficult to attach the fires as the pads on the HH PCB are very small.

There is an existing thread over at: