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we'll do you full stop

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we'll do you full stop

Thats how i feel like i have been done not done proud just done as in conned full stop.
Ever since joining plusnet my speed generally has been terrible slow and hopeless at streaming jerking stuttering and all that, with the iplayers telling me there is insufficient bandwidth slow internet speed having had engineers out and even supposedly changing over equipment in the exchange ive had spells of 4 to 5 mg which was working great but then something or someone knocks me down to 2 or 3 mg sometimes below the 2 mg.
They tell me dont switch off your router as this will not allow it to stablise so the router was on for over 500 hours yet still it keeps on going up and down like a yo yo why?.
Its just completed a stint of 4 to 5 mg which was fine but lately it re synced itself at 3 mg so my through put is very low yet again and although i am able to watch programs it drives you mad because it stutters like crazy,
At this moment in time i am getting about 3.5 mg but it is still stuttering and jerking and no it isnt anything to do with my equipment at this end the engineer proved that and i even have two laptops which i use and both are the same.
So i can only say that i am extremely disappointed in the over all service provided by plusnet and bt its pathetic to say on the 28th may 2015 i was getting 6mg with talktalk then on the 29th i get 2 to 3 mg off plusnet and you seem to think i should be happy with this i certainly will not be re newing my contract that is for sure it is quite obvious you cannot fix this on going problem and for nearly a month no one has been in touch in any way to check how it is going on or if i need more help i think you have just given up seeing as its a mere 2 months until the contract expires so thanks for nothing your actually worse than talktalk ever was.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: we'll do you full stop

Hi escortrsturbo,
I feel it's best that we look at the previous fault we investigated in February as a separate issue as it definitely looks like disconnections are the issue at hand rather than speeds.
With that in mind the best thing would be to report a new fault with us over at so that we can investigate that specific problem.
Feel free to post back here when you have and I'll make sure we get the ball rolling with that.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team