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Very disapointed with Plusnet

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Very disapointed with Plusnet

Plusnet. Very unimpressed.
Moved over to Plusnet last Friday from Virgin in an attempt to save a few bob a month, totally regret my decision. Internet still not working and now there is a fault on the telephone service. Many calls to Plusnet made since Saturday morning. They are very nice people and seem to care but unable to sort anything out, everything will be dealt with tomorrow, its all the fault of their supplier, they will get back to me, etc etc.
If its the fault of their supplier why don't they make sure the terms and conditions with them have good KPI's; why wait until tomorrow to do something, getting back to me is all very good but I would prefer action.
Contacting Virgin tomorrow to try and negotiate a return.
Very disappointed.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Very disapointed with Plusnet

Hi swaish,
I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced when moving over to Plusnet.
I've had a look at your account and can see that the Estimated Repair Time provided to us from our suppliers is 03/04/14 23:59:59. There's a possibility that the fault may be resolved before this time.
Our Faults team will continue to monitor this on your ticket and if anything changes they'll provide you with an update.
I hope that we can resolve this for you to ensure that you don't decide to go elsewhere. I am sorry that it's led you to consider going back to Virgin. Please bear with us whilst we're resolving the fault and hopefully this will lead you to stay with us.