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Oh Dear, not a good start.

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Oh Dear, not a good start.

I am new to PN, almost new that is  Undecided
I signed up to PN last friday and arranged to take on unlimited internet and phone / line rental, static IP and caller ID, I gave all my details and card details so I could set up a DD account, Everything went well and I was asked my the PN customer services person to obtain a MAC code. With in a hour I had the MAC code and provided it to to PN, everything went well. I was at that time told I may need a new phone number and may not be able to port my old number over, I accepted that, fair enough **
Later on, according to a sms text, my DD account had failed So I calledd PN to have this corrected, the reason was because the DD account number was incorectly entered during the account set up, that was corrected and I was then asked to provide a payment to hasten the odering time, did that and everything seemed ok.
Then I noticed I never recieved any comfirmation email so using the account details I had I logged on ot my PN account and discovered that my email address had been entered incorrectly.
On hour later I managed to get through and checked with PN that I had indeed corrected it, I had indeed corrected it and it seemed everything was ok.
Today, a week later, I recieve a letter requesting a MAC code, I had already passed the MAC code over to PN last friday, luckily I decided to contact PN again just to make sure thay actualy had the MAC code.
I was informed that they do in fact have the MAC code so I asked how the oder was progressing, the nice chap I spoke to put me through to provisioning and after a long wait spoke to a lady who noticed that NO card details where stored on my account so it now seems my entire order with PN is set back a week because of errors made whne I set my account up.
I was advised by provisioning to contact my present ISP and ask them to withhold the line termination so I would not loose service whne PN finaly took over the line, I have done this and my present IPS has extended the termination till the 31st of April.  ** I was also informed today that it may be possible to port my old number over, I am not really that concerned if I have a new number.
So, besides the errors on my account made during set up, lack of emails due to my email address being entered incorrectly and card details that where AWOL is there anything else I that can go wrong ? This doesnt bode to good for a new customer !
The only positive thing to come from this so far has been the fact I am now overly familiar with my land line phone that untill last friday, I didnt use 🙂 I didnt know it had a loud speaker function so I could use it while eating my dinner and going to the bathroom later while I waited in the queue.......... Tongue
< At some point in the near future I may something interesting here >

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Oh Dear, not a good start.

Hi there,
Really sorry about those errors, I can see the account now has orders placed for both broadband and phone and certainly hope that everything goes smoothly from here. If there is anything we can do to help from here on please let us know, at present however I'm glad to say it seems like everything is in hand.