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3 scheduled engineers, none turned up

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Registered: ‎13-02-2021

3 scheduled engineers, none turned up

I've been on the phone to you 9 times. Each time I've been apologised to and treated respectfully, but nothing is ever resolved. I've had no contact to say whether the engineer was turning up or not and each time (3 times) I've been waiting indoors like the widow of a lost sailor. Except the ghost of a sailor is more likely to turn up than an Openreach engineer.

I'm paralysed with rage, not least because I can't really legitimately lose my temper with you guys – I realise Openreach have you locked in an abusive relationship too – but there is never a solution and there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm offered some form of compensation, which is never really sorted either, but even BT offer £25 per missed appointment and £8 per day without service and, to be honest, even that doesn't really make up for the emotional exhaustion at having to be held in the queue while members read the long list of emails before they give me some nebulous placation, the frustration of missing deadlines because every meeting I've been in has been a bufferfest in which I miss everything that's said due to shoddy mobile reception and the fact that I just want to watching some bloody television of a night.

I've been a customer of yours in some form for nearly ten years and you've always been alright, customer service-wise, but I say with no hyperbole that this has been some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. And I can't even cancel. I threatened to move over to Sky, but seems Openreach provide everything for them too. Ace.

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