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TV to get excited about in 2019

TV to get excited about in 2019

TV to get excited about in 2019

TV to get excited about in 2019

January is a pretty depressing month. It’s cold, no one’s drinking (so they say) and everyone’s broke until payday. What better opportunity to stay in all weekend and binge watch your favourite programmes? There’s some can’t-contain-your-excitement releases this year, so now’s the time to re-watch all existing series’ and prepare for another big year of TV.


Incredibles 2

Releases: January 30th

Watch on Netflix

If you didn’t get chance to see this in the cinemas then don’t panic, the world’s most famous family of superheroes will be appearing on Netflix at the end of January. This time Helen, aka Mum, is the sought after superhero, leaving Dad at home doing the day-to-day jobs. However, the family come back together to fight (yes another) evil villain.

Gather the kids, choose your superhero names and have a cosy night in.



Coming soon on BBC

A spin-off from the hugely popular drama series, The Missing, this is a series not to be missed (pun intended). It features the same French detective and audience favourite, Baptiste. We follow him as he visits Amsterdam on holiday. However, he becomes involved in a dangerous and seedy case. Will he solve it? Will he even survive? Keep your eyes peeled for this one.


Happy Valley 

Coming early 2019 on BBC1

The 3rd series of Happy Valley is due to come out in early 2019. Set in the great county of Yorkshire, the first two series of this police drama were hugely popular, with Sarah Lancashire stealing hearts. Details around what the new series entails have been kept under wraps, but we’re certain it’s going to have us at the edge of our seats.


Game of Thrones 

Releases: 14th April

Watch on Sky Atlantic

Game. Of. Thrones. That’s all that needs to be said. However, this series will only consist of six episodes, which may seem a real tragedy for GoT fans. Perhaps this means even bigger and better battles? It’s rumoured that this series will have the biggest battle in the history of TV and film (yes, even better than The Lord of the Rings).

Despite the fewer number of episodes, producers have said the ending won’t be rushed and that it will be ‘satisfying yet surprising’.


Killing Eve 

Coming soon on BBC1

We’re so grateful that this smash hit series is back to answer all of our questions. After series one left us on a tense cliffhanger, there’s plenty we need to know. How badly injured is Villanelle? Is Konstantin actually dead? Fortunately, series two can be expected as early as spring.


Peaky Blinders 

Coming this Summer on BBC1

It’s finally back! It’s been a year since series four came out (although it seems about ten) and now the much anticipated, British gangster drama is coming back to our screens. Yes ladies, Tommy Shelby is returning. At the end of last series, we saw the Shelby family confront mob leader Luca Changretta and there’s rumoured to be a lot more twists in series five.

Get on Netflix now and relive the existing storyline before the new series airs in Summer.


Stranger Things  

Releases: 4th July

Watch on Netflix

It’s summer in 1985 and everyone is spending time at the new Starcourt Mall (shown in the teasers), going to movies and hanging at the Hawkins pool. The new Stranger Things will have a lighter, more fun aesthetic around it, however this will be balanced with it being the goriest series yet, with even more special effects.

Series three welcomes some exciting new characters whilst also bringing back all of our favourites. So, get your waffle maker (buy one, immediately) and Eggo recipe at the ready, it’s going to be a good one.


Now you know what’s in store, you have every excuse to cancel those weekend plans, stay in bed, re-watch all existing series’ and prepare yourself for what’s going to be one heck of a year of TV. Needless to say if any of these are new to you, get watching, now.