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Spoiler Avoider: Must-watch TV this Autumn

Spoiler Avoider: Must-watch TV this Autumn

Spoiler Avoider: Must-watch TV this Autumn

Spoiler Avoider: Must-watch TV this Autumn

As Autumn approaches you know that top TV is on it’s way. Office chats will consist of catching up on the latest dramas, discussing plot lines and potentially Dave from Accounts revealing spoilers for those who haven’t tuned in (thanks Dave). We’re here to help you join in the conversations and avoid those spoilers, so throw your onesie on, get the snacks ready, turn your phone on silent and settle down for these upcoming Autumn dramas.


Out now



Started – Sunday 26th August

Watch – Sundays at 9pm on BBC one

We’d be surprised if you haven’t already heard of this one! Five episodes have already aired, but it’s not too late to close your ears and catch up. This edge of your seat drama follows Keeley Hawes starring as the Home Secretary who is pushing forward a controversial anti-terrorism bill and her brooding ex-veteran bodyguard, played by Richard Madden of Game of Thrones fame, who has been assigned to protect her.

Get yourself on BBC iPlayer to catch up ASAP. The final airs on Sunday 23rd September at 9pm, and trust us; you’ll want to be watching live.



Started – 4th September

Watch – Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One

A co-production between Netflix and the BBC, this series follows the life of a therapist trying to spice up her marriage after a life-changing cycling accident. The drama questions whether lifelong monogamy is possible and tackles issues around relationships, love and sex.

Starring a quality line-up including Emmy and Golden-Globe winner Toni Colette, the series will also be released fully onto Netflix.


Black Earth Rising

Started – Monday 10th September

Watch – Mondays at 9pm on BBC Two

Don’t worry; this drama is only one episode in so you can catch up before tonight. The series explores the relationship between the UK and Africa, looking into the important issues of justice, guilt and self-determination following the Rwandan genocide.

Written and directed by Hugo Blick, writer of the Honourable Woman, the series features BAFTA-winning actress Michaela Coel, Golden Globe winner John Goodman and Harriet Walter who’s appeared in the likes of Downton Abbey and The Crown.



Started – Monday 10th September

Watch – Mondays at 9pm on ITV

John Simm stars as Professor Jonah Mulray who loses his wife when she tragically dies in a car crash whilst in Hong Kong. Jonah’s fear of flying prevented him visiting his wife in the six months she lived there, but he must now face his fears to identify his wife’s body. Whilst in Hong Kong, conspiracy and lies are uncovered as he discovers a shocking truth.


Killing Eve

Starts – Saturday 15th September 9:15pm

Watch – All 8 episodes on BBC iPlayer from 10pm on Saturday 15th.

If you fancy a binge watch then Killing Eve started this Saturday just gone on BBC One with the rest of the series released on BBC iPlayer *immediately books time off work tomorrow*.

Two actresses star in this cat-and-mouse assassin tale; Grey’s Anatomy legend Sandra Oh who plays Eve, an MI5 agent living a boring desk life and Doctor Foster’s Jodie Comer, who plays Vilanelle, a psychopath killer. Already popular in the US, this gripping drama is a unique take on a traditional spy-thriller.


Coming Soon

Whilst we don’t have the official start dates for these upcoming dramas, we can guarantee you’ll want to look out for them.


The Little Drummer Girl

If you loved The Night Manager, then watch out for the next big drama directed by the same producers.


Set in late 1970’s, this is an exciting story of love and betrayal as a young actress prepares for her ultimate role whilst tensions rise in the Middle East, and she finds herself entangled in a spy plot working as a double agent. Starring big names such as Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon and Charles Dance, this drama based on a spy novel is sure to keep you on the edges of your seats. 


The Cry

*Tissues at the ready*

The Cry is based on the book by Australian author Helen Fitzgerald. This heart-stopping psychological thriller tells the story of a young woman and her husband who travel from Scotland to Australia with their newborn. When their baby is abducted the family is torn apart as they face intense public scrutiny and a tragedy that will change their lives and marriage forever.


Dark Heart

Written by Chris Lang, creator of the popular TV dramas Unforgotten and Innocent, this new crime drama explores some gruesome murders over a six-part series.

Starring Tom Riley as DI Will Wagstaffe, the series sees him trying to solve brutal crimes whilst also coping with his dark history, which is affecting his work and personal life.


Don't forget

It’s not all about the dramas this Autumn, with reality TV keeping us entertained too, and it’s not too late to tune in. The X Factor has been back on our screens since September 1st, airing on Saturday evenings from 8pm on ITV. Then of course there’s the Great British Bake-Off which graces our screens (and makes our tummies rumble) every Tuesday evening at 8pm on Channel 4. Last but not least, Strictly Come Dancing will bring the glitz and glamour back to the screen with their live shows beginning Saturday 22nd September from 7pm and run until the final on December 15th. We. Can’t. Wait.

So there’s no excuse. Put the kettle on and sit down to some cracking TV this Autumn.

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