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Rate Plusnet's service & win a pair of tickets to the ISPAs

Rate Plusnet's service & win a pair of tickets to the ISPAs

Rate Plusnet's service & win a pair of tickets to the ISPAs

This July will see the annual return of the ISPA awards where UK Internet Providers come together with the hope of walking away with some shiny new silverware for their trophy cabinets. Whilst most of the awards are chosen by a panel of industry representatives, the winner of the Customer Choice category is decided based on feedback from customers themselves. Customers of the ISPs that are participating in this year's Customer Choice category have been given the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the black-tie event in July. This includes Plusnet customers, so if it sounds like something you'd fancy, read on to find out more ...

How to enter

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell ISPA what you think of the service you receive from Plusnet. Customers are asked to rate our service in areas of reliability, customer service and value for money.

When and where are the ISPAs taking place?

The Winners of the ticket giveaway will attend the black tie event hosted at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London on the 3rd July. Each person will be spoiled with a drinks reception, three-course meal, awards presentation and entertainment. Nicholas Lansman, ISPA Secretary General, said:

“This is a great way for consumers to have their say in which company wins this category at the industry awards. We also look forward to welcoming the winners of the draw for free tickets on the 3rd July.”

Vote Plusnet for Customer Choice

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the ISPA survey page to get rating. Voting for the award closes on the 30th April, finalists will be announced in June, and the winners will be crowned on the 3rd July at the award ceremony itself. For those not in attendance, keep an eye on our Twitter feed where we'll hopefully be able to 'liveblog' the results like we did last year. Who do you think will be this year’s ISPA finalists/winners? Let us know by leaving a comment below ... nbsp;

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Trust me, after spending an hour on the phone to plusnet today over the duration of two calls trying to get my mac code, you really do not want to ask me for my opinion on Plusnet's service, especially their customer service. Whoever keeps rating Plusnet as No.1 broadband provider has obviously never had to deal with the 'MAC Extraction Dept"!!!!
Hi Jason, fancy providing me with your username or a recent support ticket from your account?
when people ask i no-longer recomend plusnet as of the last month it has been worse than when i was on 3g seems a shame. been fine upintil i needed support then rubish shame shame dont rely on the customer support might as well try and work it out yourself Sad
Sorry to hear you've been having problems Neil Sad Assuming you've reported the fault to our helpdesk, can you provide me with the support ticket reference so that I can take a look and see if there's anything I can do to help?
my service has been absolutely terrible since day 1 six weeks ago and when i rang today for 6th day running to say my broadband had gone down again i was told by an adviser its a waste of time ringing
Kyle, you were told that?! If our faults department have the issue in hand, or we're waiting on our suppliers, then I can see the logic. Otherwise our faults team should have been able to give you an update. If you can provide me with some means of identifying your account then I'll happily see if there's anything I can do to help? I can also listen to the call to make sure the advice you were given was correct?
my question id is :53146848 been a ongoing thing today the bt speedster test just kept coming up with an error msg i have done a screen shot it is in my questions dont know if its your end or the exchange guess its not my job to work out Neil
Have to concur with mt latest problem. In one ear, out the other. Stock responses that clearly have no relevance if the support people have bothered to actually listen. Four years with no issues, then I may as well bee talking to my foot. Sorry guys, wont be recommending you anymore.
Unfortunately after the suspending my internet and phone, then ringing for assistance I was told by your staff different direct debit dates and lengths. Never had a problem in 4 years, but it turns out you can't process a direct debit. And what happens when you have a problem? Ring back tomorrow as the operator can only repeat the same wrong information; I can only apologise for arguing with the helpless operator and promoting your service.
@neilprangnell, apologies for the delayed response. Looks like your problem was fixed a couple of days after you posted? @wattsl01, sorry to hear you've been having problems. Do you have a support ticket reference I could take a look at? @AlexGreen, difficult for me to pass comment without access to your account. Perhaps you could provide some means of me identifying it? (username or a recent support ticket reference would be ideal).
been with plusnet from the 20th, moved from sky to try and get a more stable connection and speed, on the very 1st day my ping rate more than halfed and my jitter, cant say how much i love the connection all i can say is THANK YOU, people go to plusnet trust me, yes there call centre is busy but it is so worth it. oh can someone tell me will a static ip help me even more for online games? thank you
Hi Chris, glad to hear you're happy with the service. A static IP shouldn't be necessary for online gaming although it might help if you're planning on hosting a server. You're not having problems with gaming are you?
i agree with the comments above. my account was moved from pipex last october i have had more lost connections since then. before i became a plusnet customer i cant remember having ever experienced this sort of problem i am having to send this email today vie a vodaphone dongle with a poor 3G connection as it is more reliable than the plusnet service. i cant wait for october to come so that i can move to another provider. question? should i apply for a MAC number now so that i will have one in time for the move. the only time i can be 99.9% sure of a plusnet service is about 2 days before i get an email to tell me they are taking more money from my account.
@melbrigg, sorry to hear you're having problems. MAC's expire after 30 days so there'd be little point in you asking for one now. More importantly, have you reported your problem to our helpdesk and if so do you have a fault ticket reference you can provide me with?
I have used PLUSNET for over 20 years & yes I have tried KC BT AOL but these are not great at solving any problems you may have had yes periodically PlUSNET have to upgrade & execute maintenance but each time they have informed me of what is happening and Full APOLOGIES if my service is disrupted either by weather or floods or simple maintenance Transferring from any ISP to another is never easy You should read the experience of people who wanted to leave BT or AOL A nightmare of delays & broken promises with long drawn out phone calls trying to receive answers from these ISPs BT & AOL PLUSNET support is the BEST in the UK always polite and courteous when talking to you on teh phone but like all companies they do have busy times of day try around 0830am and find how easy it is to talk to PLUSNET
again today i am finding speeds slower than a bloody tortoise. Having been told it is BTs fault in the exchange and it is out of there hands, then why dont you give BT a good seeing to. I am expected to get 7mg speed, not 1.4mg If this keeps up plusnet will no longer be in my life giving me crap. Stop playing at it and look after the customers you have or you just be history soon like tiscali etc.
Hi David, sorry to hear you're having problems. Are you able to provide me with a recent support ticket reference so I can take a quick look at your account myself?
Hi first of all i want to say how happy i am with your service plusnet. I went from virgin,talktalk and sky and there was not a day when i did not have to ring up for their bad service.Plusnet has help assist which i got answers to my questions online,whenever i have any problems i always get a friendly service, sure i have to wait on the line but at least i get it sorted and i rest assured my query has been dealt with.Me and my friends have joined and have anytime calls and broadband which i must say is well priced and worth it.Hey plusnet ignore the bad comments and keep going positive, well done all of you and i will and always do reccomend you guys wheather i'm picking up the kids from school,on the bus or shopping.God bless goldie xx