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Plusnet staff take part in new and improved cycling programme

Plusnet staff take part in new and improved cycling programme

Plusnet staff take part in new and improved cycling programme

Plusnet has welcomed the launch of BikeBoost, a revamped cycling programme which aims to encourage more Sheffield workers to cycle to work. The project - funded by Sheffield City Council through the Local Sustainable Transport fund - is part of a scheme based in the North East of the city and is being delivered jointly by Get Cycling, Pedal Ready and Heeley Development Trust. Read on to find out how we're getting involved ... The scheme offers the free loan of a top-brand bike and cycle accessories, in order for people to try their hand at cycling without the commitment of purchasing a bike. At the end of the loan period, trialists can return the bike or look to purchase at a heavily discounted cost from the high street. In addition to the free loan, trialists can also enlist the help and support of cyclist instructors for bespoke road craft training; including accompaniment on the initial journeys to and from work and cycle maintenance. Graeme Symington, BikeBoost Project Officer explains:

"We're aiming to remove the hurdles that stop Sheffielders cycling. We know that people don't want to spend money on a decent bike unless they know they're going to use it and are often worried about dealing with traffic and bike maintenance and repairs. This scheme addresses all those deterrents and aims to get hundreds more people in the City cycling to work this year."

For those of you that don't know, the Plusnet offices were recently relocated to a new home in the middle of Sheffield City Centre and 57 of our 700 or so staff are pleased to be taking part in the Bikeboost trial. One of these people is Mark Dundon, our CIO, who said:

"Plusnet is delighted to be the first company in Sheffield taking part in the revamped scheme. Not only does the scheme help staff save money and get fit, it also offers a much more reliable journey into work. I have been cycling for ten years now but the advice of the cycle instructors from BikeBoost has really helped improve my traffic awareness and the tricky issue of tram lines."

Staff from Plusnet and the Bikeboost cycling scheme. Councillor Leigh Bramall, Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development at Sheffield City Council also had this to say:

"BikeBoost is a great example of how we are working with businesses across the city. There has been a fantastic response to the scheme so far from Plusnet staff and I hope this enthusiasm continues across the scheme. We are working with business across the city to help increase travel options and choice."

BikeBoost is part of Sheffield's Cycleboost scheme. Sheffield City Council is funding the scheme as part of the 4.9 million pounds, Local Sustainable Transport Fund settlement won earlier this year by South Yorkshire from the Department for Transport. Cycleboost will run for at least three years and brings together Sheffield based companies Pedal Ready, who provide cycling road craft sessions and Recycle Bikes, who provide maintenance services to new and existing cyclists, along with Yorkshire based Get Cycling, who run the Bikeboost loan scheme. The scheme will roll out to other companies, organisations and community groups in the North East of the city this summer. Are there any local initiatives in your area that have caught your attention? If so then feel free to share them with is in the comments below. If you'd like more information about BikeBoost then please visit ...  

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I'm taking part in the BikeBoost scheme, it's great! saving money on tram travel and takes me 25-35 minutes each way Smiley - Plus, I finally get some excersise cycling 10-12 miles per day.
Good luck with it, perhaps you could also have a look at this I posted on our community board.,106298.0.html and kill two birds with one stone as it were. Matt would have raised £60 this week just on his own. Without weekends that is Smiley
I did actually install that app, but forgot to start it going lol (as I run endomono too) - Think i ended up raising a tenner! (But every little helps) - With the bike boost challenge coming to an end - I've done about 204Miles in total since 10th July Smiley - And I'm going to carry on afterwards too!
Additional: Travel time has reduced to 20 minutes from 25-30 - Definitely finding the benefits from it!