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Plusnet's got talent

Plusnet's got talent

Plusnet's got talent

YouTube Just over two years ago here at Plusnet Towers we were celebrating the launch of our first ever TV campaign. Since introducing audiences to Joe and his Yorkshire terrier, Samson, we’ve seen him encounter a number of weird and wonderful characters, including Sheffield synth-legends, Heaven 17. A lot of you seem to like our move into TV advertising. In fact, so much so that some of you have been celebrating in your own unique way.  Allow us to share with you some of the brilliant, occasionally hilarious and downright joyous video clips that we’ve come across over recent months ...

Strike up the Band!

It’s clear that the Plusnet band is a firm favourite.  Can you believe that last summer, we were actually contacted by a bride-to-be asking for a copy of the brass band’s version of Ruby to walk down the aisle to? Others have lent their hand to a bit of video/audio remixing and we've even seen people's pets getting in on the act!

Lights, camera ...

To be strictly honest this performance isn’t actually by the Plusnet band, can you tell?   Even Mr Bean can’t resist pulling a few shapes when the Plusnet band are playing, don’t try this at home! (and no, we've no idea what the 'Oboe' is all about either).   Here’s border collie, Bob and his rendition of Kaiser Chief's 'Ruby' as featured in our Call Centre Down the Road ad.   It's not the Plusnet Band but there's no guessing who they've taken inspiration from. This is the Durham Miners Association Brass Band at the Durham Miners Gala 2012. It certainly looks like everyone was having a great time in Durham that day, especially the lady in the pink jumper! Smiley


Now that’s summat’ to dance about!

There’s no way we could leave out this beauty. As the caption says the video was done as a family joke, no doubt at the expense of the chap who can be seen shaking his thing on the dance floor.  It makes you wonder if he knew whether the camera was on him but who can’t resist a bit of dad dancing? It obviously inspired the creator of this video, top marks on the Joe impression too!   These are just some of the videos we’ve found. Have you found any you think we should feature or maybe you’ve made your own? Do please share it with us if you have ...

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