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Plusnet phone and broadband is Which? recommended

Plusnet phone and broadband is Which? recommended

Plusnet phone and broadband is Which? recommended

Plusnet Which? - the largest independent consumer body in the country - has given Plusnet’s UK home phone and broadband its fifth consecutive product recommendation. Plusnet home broadband is the only internet services provider to gain a Which? recommended icon for their stand alone broadband following their latest customer satisfaction survey, of which the results have been released today.  Plusnet is also one of only two providers to gain a product recommendation for our combined home phone and broadband packages. Read on to find out more ... Plusnet broadband gained a five star rating for accuracy of bills with four star ratings for technical support, customer service, ease of contacting, ease of set-up, connection reliability, clarity of bills and value for money. Our home phone and broadband gained four star ratings across all categories.

How we scored

To become a 'Which? Recommended Provider' a product must receive an overall score of at least 70% in the survey and get an average or above ratings for all other aspects of service.  Plusnet broadband gained an overall score of 73% with our home phone and broadband packages achieving 76%.  The Which? survey takes place every six months and we've now featured in the list of recommended providers since September 2011.

What they said

In the Which? magazine out this week, the broadband report concludes that:

“Plusnet’s broadband and home phone packages are great value and are highly rated by its customers.”

Our CEO - Jamie Ford, had this to say:

“We have made many improvements to our products and services over the last 12 months including the launch of unlimited broadband.  To get this recommendation for the fifth time running, based on genuine customer feedback, is very rewarding after all this hard work.”

Switching to Plusnet has never been easier, simply visit to choose a broadband package that suits you. Provide us with your MAC (migration authorisation code) when you sign up (available from your current provider) and we'll do the rest of the hard work for you. Thinking of switching to Plusnet and have a question you'd like to ask? Feel free to leave a comment below and we'll do our best to get back to you ...

Additionally you can also choose one of our new cheap sim only contracts for your mobile.

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Did they mention all the price rises?
Amazing, the last time I experienced this level of poor after service care I cancelled the contract. I made the mistake of switching to Plusnet and now I don't have the use of a phone or the internet. I have run up a large bill on my mobile to contact Plusnet and had the frustration of waiting for 20 minutes for someone to answer the call and he then said, I'll check your line to see IF there's a fault. IF?? Oh and then he says, I'll text you because we have no other way of contacting you.
@annlynn, sorry to hear you're having problems. If you need to get in touch with us using your mobile then I'd suggest using our 0345 number rather than the 0800 one. That way you can use your inclusive minutes (assuming you have inclusive minutes of course) - If you can provide me with your username or a recent support ticket reference from your account then I'll happily take a look and see if there's anything I can do to help?
I don't have inclusive minutes, I have a payg which fortunately is automatically topped up. I also resent the 20 minute delay in an adviser being unable to take the call. My username is ann1ynn.
Thanks Ann, looks like service was restored shortly after you made this post.
Interesting... "the launch of unlimited broadband"... I guess he must be a new CEO as I had an unlimited package with you years ago, until you decided that it was uneconomic for you to run it and increased the monthly price by over 25%. Apart from selective memory, service overall is average to poor.
@syates, that will be the older Unlimited product that had pretty aggressive rate limits applied at certain times of the day (the current product doesn't) - If you're still with us and there's anything you think I might be able to help you with then let me know.
Hey Bob, I actually found the old unlimited package to be quite good. I was forced to replace it with a 60Gb capped package as the increase from £20 a month to £25 a month was too much. But that was a long time ago. I am still with Plusnet though not as happy with the service as I was 3 years ago, mainly due to a problem that has been open for 13 months now, hence my comment about average to poor. Some of the people trying to resolve it have been very good indeed though unfortunately not as many as the not-so-good ones Tongue
I have tried twice to call you to be told wait time approx 25 mins this is not a service!! Contacted customer service to say phone me I have two account I may want to continue with please phone, nobody did and no reply via e-mail. I can see the same type of comments re this on reviews on Broadband and Plusnet so why do they not get things changed and show they do care about the customer?
i also have tried cotacting you same as peter,also sent email noo answers not good enough.also my internet very slow gone worse over the last couple of weeks not worth the trouble i will be looking at changing shortly customer service has gone down the nick rc
I have to say I am a liitle surprised at this award and in my experience, PLusnet have a long way to go. I have been having problems and have been getting extremely conflicting information from your tech department varying from a major profile change to my speed being perfectly OK even though it had halved. I was told that the line was working perfectly and yet the Openreach engineer who called and the BTW engineer he spoke to could both detect errors on the line in the early evening which they thought may be the cause of my speed dropping. So no Plusnet you have a way to go to convince me that you desrve the award. Your sales are excellent but your tech is inconsistent sometimes bordering on downright patronising. I have been proved correct about a fault evertime that an enginner has called but to listen to some of your engineers I am talking rubbish
I'll stick with the expensive broadband only Madasafish, stable line for many years. £17.99 20GB limit curbs my download addiction. My new addiction is a Ribble Sportive Racing bike that ascends the highest heaven of invention. Once over the summit I can download a hell of a lot faster than my 16 MB/s connection at home... It's a Fibre Optic descent :-)
Having been with Freenetname/Madasafish for many virtually trouble free years, I decided to migrate to plusnet unlimited last month. Beginning to regret it now. Firstly they never refunded my Madasafish monthly prepayment until I asked, charged me line rental when I paid 12 months in advance and since Thursday have only had an intermittent broadband service. Everytime you speak to someone they want you to go through the same checks again and I've no idea if it's sorted. I suppose I'll find out when/if it drops out again. Which Magazine must be very easily pleased or not very good.
Plus net you are an absolute disgrace! signed up for broadband and phone at the start of august, 2 months later and many days wasted sitting in for a technician to come round to install our broadband i have the great pleasure of telling you we are no longer interested in your service nor will we be in the future. as a signed up member of which? i will also be contacting them and spreading the word as far and wide as i can, what a joke!!
I chanage from BT to plus net on the recomendation of a friend . the process of change was smooth and good .How ever the UNLIMiTED CALL and broadband at 20£ was translated to £20 monthly broadband (which I was told should include BT line rental) and £19,50 telephone charge including the BT rental. That is £30.50 much more than what I had with BT. The misleading sales item was Plusnet separated the broadband from telephone services and charge separately. Could someone explain this please
So Plusnet as the best Value for money is a myth. At £39.50 a month for broadband and telephone the other providers through in all sorts of goodies and a fast broad band not 6MB speed and a cracking telephone line
I've just moved from Masdasafish to Plusnet via a phone conversation with a member of the COT,as well as BB I moved my line rental over to PN as well. I am disappointed to find that having paid the line rental saver I can not get free weekend calls this was never pointed out to me, don't mind paying 50p for it Wink I am still waiting for a partial refund to my credit card which hasn't gone through yet although I was given the impression it would happen within a couple of days if not sooner. Still it's early days and my account isn't activated yet so I'll wait and see how good the PN internal migration is in the real world and not just as portrayed in TV and media land.. They better get my billing right etc as I know where to find them Tongue Never had any real issues with maaf and I was with them for quite a few years.
I just want to thank and review Plusnet I had problems with my previous provider for around 3 years connection drops and so forth and I had the same fault and inquired to Plusnet with it and the team wasted no time on re sending a new script to my line and monitoring the progress of my fault very closely I have been with plus net and am also going to stay with them customer service is Excellent and anyone who wants to join I highly recommend them to anyone 10/10 for customer service and technical abilities and dedication to resolve any problem thanks Plusnet!
Hey Bob.. looks like you have gone into hiding since trying to sort out all the problems Plusnet are causing for their customers. Still no closer to having my broadband sorted after 14 months now, and to be honest it is a pleasure reading that I am not the only one having problems amongst your customers. I t seems a pretty common occurance.
@peter Barfield, did you manage to get in touch in the end? Sorry about the time you were kept waiting. We're recruiting pretty aggressively at the moment and will soon be opening another office in Leeds, both of which should help bring call waiting times down. @cosnor, whilst I'm sure our support team have things in hand, if you can provide me with a support ticket reference than I'll happily take a look and see if there's anything I can do to help. @Nigel, sorry you feel you've been given conflicting information. Unfortunately there is a degree of 'hoop jumping' required before we can report a fault to Wholesale and get an Openreach engineer out. If you're problems still aren't resolved then feel free to post a fault ticket reference and I'll see what I can do to help. @rockingad, apologies for the billing errors, am I safe to assume you've been refunded in full now? As above, if you can provide a fault ticket refernce then I can probably give things a nudge in the right direction. @georgeandsarah, disappointing to hear you've been waiting so long. That's not typical which leads me to believe that there might be some non-standard complications affecting the provisioning of your service. Would be a shame to see you go so let me know if you'd like me to take a look into things for you. @Javad Hashemi, our pricing is stated quite clearly on our website and throughout the sign-up journey. I'm sorry you feel you were misled. I can't really comment much further without taking a look at your account though to see which package/offer you're on. @Alastair MacRae, I don't think you can get free Weekend calls however you can get free Evening & Weekend calls for £1.50/mnth. A card refund will typically take 3-5 working days for the funds to be transferred. @Phillip Howden, welcome aboard and thanks for the positive feedback Smiley @syates, people are far less inclined to go out of their way and post places like this if they haven't any problems with the service. It's the nature of online forums, you'll find negative comments about any ISP on the market should you look for them. If you can provide me with a fault ticket reference so that I can identify your account then I'll take a look and see what I can do to help.
We are very happy with our broadband and could save money by switching our phone from BT also to plusnet. Bt has not charged us for repair of line faults. Would plusnet charge us for repair of line faults?
If you are a old age pensioner and you want to be turned over by plusnet make a call to spain on international 300 I made a 3 min call and was charged £41.27 PlusNet say I was on the call for 4 hours I have no way of proving I was not so I have to pay and wait 4 months to get rid of PLUSNET
Hi Bob There is a ticket still running and hopefully we have got to the bottom of the problem. It appears that the monitoring of the signal to noise ratio was too sensitive and was causing sudden drops in speed. I have spoken to 3 of your tech staff in the last week who have all been extremely helpful and have accepted that there is a definite problem. However my initial comment still stands: some of your tech staff need to go on a customer service course because the comments they make are extremely dismissive. It is a shame because if they had had the same training as your sales department there would be less conflict. Some of your tech guys seem to have a default position that ALL your customers are idiots and whilst I appreciate that not everybody is tech savvy, treating everybody as stupid is not a good way to increase or keep your customers. When I am told that a 3m connection which has been stable for a year has nothing wrong with it when it drops to 1.75m and I will just have to live with it because it is within the accepted range for my line rather than try to find out why, is not worthy of a Which best supplier award. It was the Openreach engineer who called eventually who discovered the fault. Having said all this, my problem is now being taken seriously and the attitude of the staff I have spoken to is a vast improvement. This has been going on since 30th August and has only been (hopefully) resolved in the last few days.
OK Bob, I'll give you a go then. To be honest, at this point I'll take any help I can get to try and get this resolved, especially as I have been asking via the ticket for the low line speed since last Fridays line reset to be looked at.. it is running at half what it was and nobody in Plusnet seems interested. Positive feedback is not about not experiencing problems, but about how you handle any problems when they do occur. If it is handled well, you get positive feedback, if not so good, then you will get people like me complaining about it. Even you have to admit 14 months is a long long time to get something fixed. The Ticket number is 73971716. Don't be fooled by the start date, as this is the second continuation of the original problem from August 2012. I'm now looking to you to "Do me Proud", something Plusnet have failed to do so far.
Dear Sir.... Are your unlimited b/band & phone line packages set in stone, or can you discount more if I call? I'd like the Fibre 76mb package, but it's expensive after the discount, also your wireless router gets pretty poor reviews & that's important to me with 4 wireless devices coming off it. Thanks
I am considering changing broadband/phone because it does not pay to be loyal. By changing to another provider I can save about ten pounds a month. I originally changed to plusnet on the basis of a good deal and good customer reviews. Why do you not offer similar packages to loyal customers as you do to those switching from other companies?
Hi Bob. Well since I took you up on your offer and gave you my ticket number I haven't heard a peep out of you guys. Are you still all alive as I am starting to get worried that the Plusnet offices have been overrun my a horde of disgruntled customers?
@Isobel, no we wouldn't unless the problem was found to be something your side of the master socket e.g. dodgy extension cabling or a faulty device plugged into the line. The diagnostic troubleshooting we'd ask you to complete before despatching an Openreach engineer should rule this out anyway though. @w.wedge, whilst I've no reason to question the accuracy of the call records we receive from BT Wholesale, I'd be happy to look into that for you if you can provide me with your account username or a recent support ticket from your account? @Nigel, glad to hear progress is being made. There are only so many things we can establish using the remote tools at our disposal. It's often the case that the true source of a problem won't be determined until we get Openreach engineers on the case. I'm sorry you felt the support lacking to begin with though. @syates, just read through your latest fault ticket. What a nightmare. I can only imagine how frustrating it's been. I've never seen Openrech issue a deadlock notice in a decade of working here! I could reset the line but if I'm honest I don't really want to step on Martin's toes and at the time of writing he's not in office. I'm assuming if we did reset the line, you wouldn't want it defaulting to 3db-6db noise margin anyway? My take on the situation would be to try provisioning you on fibre without invoking a new contract or changing your account type. I'll need to talk to faults guys about that. @Martin, as a new customer the promotional offers advertised on our site are pretty much the lowest that can be offered although you might want to try going through a cashback site like Quidco or Topcashback too. You will probably find other 80/20 FTTC providers are similarly priced after promotional discounts have lapsed. If you don't like the router we supply then you're free to purchase your own and use that with the service instead. @anne, you will probably be able to negotiate a better rate by calling our Customer Options Team. You'll need to do this anyway if you're thinking of leaving.
Thanks for the reply (and the sympathy) Bob. I would have added more to the existing ticket, but another Plusnetter informed me that by doing so, it puts it to the back of the queue :S Yes, you are right, though the Openreach (btw, I loved your (perhaps deliberate) misspelling as "Openrech" *pukes*) Engineer did say he saw no reason why the line should not operate at 6dB, it has been most stable around the 9dB to 12dB range. However, since they did the last set of work on the line, after they reset it to 6dB, the line speed was (and still is) half of what it was before. Please feel free to contact me directly by email rather than clogging up your forums here with an exchange of information... the email address that is notified by updates to the ticket is the one I use regularly. Oh.. and although there is a fibre cabinet installed in our village, OpenReach have yet to connect any power to it (hopefully the engineer was joking when he said they would have to tap in to the local streetlighting!)
Hi Bob After I canceled my contract with Pusnet they gave me 5O% rebate on the call £20.63 which was better than nothing .They asked if I would like to change my mind about moving my custom no way , I have gone with EE/Orange who are paying my cancelation fee from PlusNet .So it bye bye from me good ridants to PLUSNET Regards
@w.wedge, sorry we weren't able to sort that out for you, I'd have liked the opportunity to see whether or not I could have helped. Anyway, shame to see you go and all the best with your new provider. @syates, thanks. The line actually looks to have been pretty stable over the coming days? I recognise what you're saying about the headline speed though. I've caught up with Martin now but sadly the impression I get is that Openreach are sticking to their position of deadlock. Puts you in a pretty poor place considering it's the same wires you'll be using regardless of provider. If that cabinet ever gets plugged into the street lights then give me a nudge and I'll get involved. For the time being though, I'm going to leave you in Martin's capable hands. I'll be keeping an eye on how things pan out though...
Well, I'm amazed by all these comments on here to be honest. I've been with Plusnet since they were Force9 - and there's a reason for that. Never had a problem with the customer service (always friendly and helpful) and when there has been a problem with the line (infrequently) I've found the resolution's been fast and effective. Last time I had an issue (line speed) I had a call back after a few days from one of the Plusnet bods to say that they'd been trying a few things and should now have cracked it - voila. 2mb more on the line than we'd had for a good long while. We nearly switched to BT a while ago as it would have been cheaper, but cheaper's not everything IMO. Granted, not everyone's going to be happy but I'm definitely one of those who raves about Plusnet. Sorry for the dissenting opinion and well done Plusnet on the Which recommendation Smiley
Just to throw in my small contribution - this award was well deserved and it saddens me to read all the negative comments. It is so contrary to my experience - PlusNet have been exemplary in providing me with a stable, fast (for where I live) broadband and, more recently phone service. Any niggles or queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. I guess I am one of the 73% that are very satisfied. Well done guys & especially Mr Pullen answering all the questions.
hello I am not very happy with some days I cant use my email at allHuhHuhHuh? have try ed to phone you ,but got no help at all so why is the cost going up . am not very happy with Plus net..Bee nathan
Actually Bob, the line is not that good. Although it is not dropping as often (which would be expected at 9dB SNR and 4.5mbps max rate, which are high and low for the line respectively) the line is subject to terrible lag spikes and sporadic increases in latency, as well as the low speed it is exhibiting, which makes gaming quite a fraught experience. If you do see Martin, tell him I'd sppreciate some idea of what Plusnet are doing as it has been two weeks since I asked about why the line has been reset to such a slow speed and when it is going to be put back to 7.8mbps max rate we had before Openreach changed the line. I appreciate that you are doing something, but you really should keep your customers in the loop as well.
@Helen Mack-B @Paulgarb, thanks for the positive feedback Smiley @bee nathan, there have been no service-wide email outages of late so I'm not sure what might be causing your problems. If you've a recent support ticket reference youu can provide me with then I'll happily take a look and see if I can spot what's wrong? @syates, I'll give Martin a nudge but as mentioned I think we've hit a bit of an impasse. I could lower your target SNR to bump a bit more out of your speed but I'd be concerned that the line would start dropping again, especially considering what you've said about the latency spikes. Speaking of which, it might be helpful for you to set up some external latency monitoring. This is fairly trivial to do but you'd need a static IP. Any objection to me adding one to your account (at no cost of course)?
No objection at all Bob. I'm open to any suggestions at this stage Smiley Like I mentioned earlier, if might be more efficient if you do contact me via the email address in my profile rather than continue a conversation over a message board.
Oh and as some additional information... the line was giving 7.8 mbps download max rate at a higher SNR than it currently is before Openreach turned up, so you should not need to lower the target SNR at all.
Which Magazine obviously never tried to call customer services !! 24 minutes and STILL waiting; If the average call volumes are 100 at any one time, and the min wait is 9-10 minutes, it means you are skimping on the number of operators. This is awful; Stick another 30 ops on and provide a decent service ! its luck you don't work in the card industry - you'd be dead in the water. Oh by the way, I'm not going to call at 2am in the morning when its quiet, and probably just the 2 operators on. Do you get the impression I'M NOT HAPPY ?
@syates - I've added the IP and popped a ticket on your account with some details, hope that helps. @Mpower - sorry you're not happy, though we are opening a second site up in Leeds in the near future which will add a number of new support engineers plus recruiting in Sheffield is also ongoing. If you could post a recent ticket ID from your account in here or drop a message in our forums ( we'll be happy to look into it from here for you which should save another call if you wish? @a j burnett - Sorry to hear that, I guess you're talking about the wireless signal from the router. Assuming it's one we sent you, we'd be happy to look into things for you - if you could pop a ticket ID from your account in here we'll be able to find you, or if you wish we could pick this up in a thread on our community forums as per the link above?
Plusnet customer service advisors are well-trained and helpful. This makes a big difference. AndI think they do offer good value for money. But unfortunately my experience of the following (mostly technical issues) has been very disappointing. 1. After ordering a phone+broadband package over the phone, I've discovered that it was processed without the half-price discount. I've been paying the full £9.99 for the first two months. Pleasingly they have offered me 6 months at £2.99. Not the original deal but better than nothing. 2. I discovered to my cost that whilst paying line rental monthly includes weekend calls, paying all up front does not. This was not clear. 3. I was very surprised at how long it took to answer my calls to customer service. 4. The signal strength of router struggles to get through the first wall in my house. The broadband speed tails off and disappears as you go from my lounge to my study. It's almost useless.
Dear Plusnet, I was a very happy Vodafone at Home customer - then Plusnet bought that business and things have not been quite the same since. Surely you should have opened and staffed your second support centre before increasing your customer base through acquisition and aggressive advertising? All I want to do is to pay you more money and migrate from copper to fibre. You've taken my money and have now said that you can't do the upgrade. Disgraceful !! And it's no use telling me to contact you - I can't because I refuse to spend 30 minutes listening to call centre muzak. Your service is poor, poor, poor. I can't talk to anyone without spending 30 minutes on hold and I can't seem to get anyone to respond via your messaging system. Is this open forum the only way to communicate with you?? If anyone in Plusnet really cared about customer service, they'd have the decency to pick up the phone and call me. I am an existing customer and you have my contact details. Go on - surprise me.
@Colin G - sorry to hear about that, though I'm glad you did manage to get a discount sorted out. Regarding the weekends call package, I'm afraid this isn't available if you pay your line rental up front (though this should be advised when you opt for the line rental saver?) but if you give our Customer Options team a call I'm sure they'll be able to arrange something for you. As for the call wait times, this is a hot topic at the moment - we are recruiting and will have a second site open soon in Leeds but do fully realise that they're not acceptable as things stand, it is something we're working on constantly. Finally, the router - it might be worth trying something like Homeplugs with a wireless access point attached at the other end? If not you should be able to use any ADSL router on our service (or likewise a cable/FTTC router for fibre). @WelshWiz - As per the above we're very sorry for the wait times. You should be able to log in to our website and raise a ticket if you don't want to call up, you can do that at - though I'd be happy to take a look into things if you could pass on a ticket ID from your account. Alternatively please drop a post in our Community forums at and we'll pick it up from there. I'd have looked into this already for you but I'm afraid there's no way from what you've posted for us to find your account on our systems.
I would echo annlynn's comment above "Amazing, the last time I experienced this level of poor after service care I cancelled the contract. I made the mistake of switching to Plusnet and now I don't have the use of a phone or the internet. I have run up a large bill on my mobile to contact Plusnet and had the frustration of waiting for 20 minutes for someone to answer the call...." Plusnet cut off the service from my previous broadband provider on 21 October, I got an email on the morning of 25th October saying an engineer would arrive to connect me that day (a day I had specified when I signed up). Nobody showed up and nobody had the courtesy to tell me the engineer would not or could not make it. I've since been told that someone will turn up on 7 November. That means two things: 1) the delay between cutting me off and connecting me is unacceptable, even assuming somebody turns up on 7th; and 2) the communication and miscommunication shows a poor level of customer service. Further, I tried to call customer services today but couldn't get through and virtual Jess is a waste of time. I will be advising friends, family and colleagues not to bother wasting their time switching to plusnet.
I have found no problems with the general service from Plusnet however I did have an issue with one of their call centre reps. Very abrupt. Our fault we had was a bad BT engineer who connected all the houses in our part of the village wrongly after they renewed all the telephone poles. It took two weeks for BT to come out. They had to come to the house to tell me the fault was outside. I told Plusnet the problem was not our wiring when reporting the BT fault. Plusnet did their best but BT was the problem and you cannot report anything to BT if you are not a BT customer. My only issue is the pricing of the packages. Following the BT issue Plusnet did us proud checking our phone useage and suggesting a better telephone package but whilst we are still paying seperately for broadband at the maximum rate we are still left on a restricted download and resumabley not on fibre which is priced the same as we pay.
Since I integrated my phone line - the Plusnet service has gone down the drain - the 'broadband' service is officially running at less than 1/100 of its download speed. Despite promises of an engineer to sort the problem, noting has materialised. I am now so fed up - I have requested an end to my contract and the return of my monies for the last two months - two months of rubbish service is all I can take! I will let 'Which magazine' know my views.
CONGRATULATIONS PlusNet on the York Marathon, best broadband ever, best marathon ever and just the best at all you do, Mal Reston, we Yorkies may be sound abrupt, but we get things done, better and quicker by far, PLUSNET IS THE BEST,
I'm beginning to wish I had never heard the name plus-net, so far I have wasted 4 hours getting through to BT india to be told my broadband is with plusnet a day earlier than Plusnet told me so a whole morning wasted with the BT "advisor" running through all the checks, then wait 72 hours for my broadband to "stabilise" to find that Plusnet can apparently only achieve 1/4 of the speed I had with BT or Virgin, its now half an hour waiting for an advisor on the telephone , I am about to put the phone down and go back to BT my phone is not yet switched
I was planning to switch to PlusNet, but having read the above I might not. Is there anyone out there who can honestly say "I ordered it, everything happened on the due date, it worked straight off, no problems, speed decent, good value for money and is worth recommending." ?