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Plusnet Business is back with its best offers to date

Plusnet Business is back with its best offers to date

Plusnet Business is back with its best offers to date

  Plusnet Business Broadband Plusnet Business is back with a set of new, great-value offers- its best deals yet! As of 19th May you can get Business Broadband from just £3 a month for the first 12 months, when you take monthly line rental on a 24 month contract. The offers are available for new business customers signing up to a 24 month contract. When you sign up online you’ll be able to choose from one of four offers depending on your speed or usage needs:

  • Business Broadband from just £3 a month for the first 12 months, with line rental at £10.50 a month.  This comes with 25GB monthly usage and up to 17Mb speeds – perfect for light users.
  • Unlimited Business Broadband from just £5 a month for the first 12 months, with line rental at £10.50 a month.  This gives you truly unlimited broadband with no fair usage policies or data caps and is ideal for busy offices.
  • Business Fibre from just £11 a month for the first 12 months, with line rental at £10.50 a month.  With 50GB monthly usage and up to 76Mb speeds this super fast fibre optic package is ideal for multiple users sharing lots of data or uploading large file sizes.
  • Unlimited Business Fibre from just £16 a month for the first 12 months, with line rental at £10.50 a month.  This is our best fibre package and gives you truly unlimited usage. Whether you want reliable video conferencing or need to upload and download large media files – this package is perfect for busy offices with demanding needs.

Terms and conditions* apply on all offers. Nick Silverwood, Head of Business,


‘We’re excited to launch our best offers to date. We’re proud to support businesses by giving them great value broadband without compromising on business support which we know is vital to ensure the continuity of a business.’

As the “champions of small British businesses”, Plusnet Business services are perfect for businesses with 1-50 employees.  Plusnet Business currently supports tens of thousands of businesses across a diverse range of sectors – from self-employed home workers and the more traditional offices and IT/Telecoms services to retail shops, mechanics, beauticians, pubs, charities and churches.  The award winning support centre gives 24x7 freephone support to all business customers, in order to ensure the smooth running of their business at any time of the day. To get the offer new customers can sign up at *Terms and Conditions: Available to new Plusnet Business customers who sign up to a 24 month contract and take Plusnet Business Broadband, Unlimited Business Broadband, Business Fibre or Unlimited Business Fibre with Plusnet Business Line Rental.  For customers signing up by 10th July 2014 at or by calling Plusnet. The fibre offers are only available online via Prices quoted above are for low cost area only (different prices apply outside of a low cost area).  Unless otherwise stated, all prices exclude VAT at 20%.  Router delivery of £4.99 applies, should you choose one.  Full terms and conditions can be found at

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Plus net are good at promises, but very bad at following through. I moved to Plusnet from BT because I was promised a better service to get my Vodafone Suresignal working as I have no mobile phone signal. In the end this meant having an upgraded service just to get the upload above 0.3mbps. This worked for 2 months then seemed to fall apart. We had discussions about this when they refused to configure my router to the instructions given bt Vodafone, and I refused to payan extra £7 a month that I never agreed to. They have now removed my upgrade this morning (our argument was only yesterday!) This has resulted in a broadband performance far worse today than when with BT and utterly useless for my VSS!! Customer serviceHuh Words, promises and scotch mist!!
I could not agree more! I left BT because it is massively oversubscribedand failed to either remove the speed constraint they placed on my line. Guess what! Exctly the same speed Download Speed: 951 kbps (118.9 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 377 kbps (47.1 KB/sec ) Due to Plusnet/BT's failure to act in this matter I cancled my plusnet direct debit. And I am still getting nuisance calls from bt asking me WHy I was leaving them. I pointed out that I had already left on 27th May and asked were they not informed of this. If so, why were they pestering me with these call. Plusnet Customer service is I think an answering machine, as it always tells you there is a Q and it would 15 mins before anyone could take my call. Must be 1,000's with the same problem. Getting realy bad press on Facebook and Twitter. No wonder.
I was previously on Tiscali customer and there service got so bad i was forced to move. I have seen the new advertisment on TV " unlimited broardband". I've been a customer for 3+ years and have upgraded to get a better service. I have now got to the end of my tether with the service Plusnet offer. I work from home, and one thing i need is a reliable connection and have reasonable expectation from my Adsl broadband. My currently service offer 3Mbit+ download but yet only get 64kbit upload In reality i receive around 1.5Mbit download if i'm lucky. Plusnet will be Hemorrhage customer until they stop hiding behind there processes. I've got a fault fix it don't ask me to fill a form in !!
Not impressed by Plusnet. Have had nothing but trouble since we joined them. Can hardly ever get onto internet and can't browse internet for long without a problem when we do get online. Support not very helpful either. Always takes too long to get through and they keep dishing out the same tired advice which never works. We are unhappy customers with nothing positive to say about Plusnet at all
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Hi gary, Sorry to hear you're having problems with the broadband service. Are you a business customer or a residential customer? "I've got a fault fix it don't ask me to fill a form in !!" Can I ask if the form you're referring to is the faults process you need to go through to raise the fault to us? If that is the case then I'm sorry if you aren't happy with this process. If you don't wish to raise the fault online - then please give our Technical Support team a call on 0800 432 0200 and they'll be happy to raise this for you. I hope the fault is resolved for you soon.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Hi staffy, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems when browsing the internet. Have you raised a fault with us so that we can investigate this? If not then you can do so here:
Becoming increasingly hacked off with the frequency of losing internet connection and thereby becoming very difficult to run a business given we can't email our clients....really don't think plusnet can justify their charges and they surely can't stop us from moving to another provider without penalty!!!!
I am sick to the teeth of Plusnet. I have been without either landline or internet for EIGHT days now. I get the occasional text telling either (a) that the issue has been resolved (it has NOT) or (b) that it will take 24 hours to resolve it (oh yeah - some 5 days ago?. They have raised their charges (to me) massively over the years I've been with them but the problems and service have got worse. At least this is a spur for me to go elsewhere now .... would welcome any recommendations for a good provider (although few could be worse than Plusnet)
I have also had some amount of carry on with PlusNet. I have had to speak to a manger because and everything - whilst I am sat writing this I have been trying to get through, I have been sitting with crap music playing in my ear for 28 mins and still no one has picked up the phone, this is a ridiculous way to treat customers. I spoke to a manger who advised that to accept the offer that I was given I could do it online through the members centre so that I wan not having to call AGAIN. I looked on there and could not find anything there and cannot find anything so emailed the guy that gave me the deal through the ask a questions. Some other guy responded to advise that I needed to call....ehHuh can you guys not give the right information to customers...still no 1 has picked up the phone...a little note to ofcom I think!!
Told them I was moving house. What a performance! Now been without internet for a month. After several phone calls, the last one being 1 1/2 hours!!!! I was told that my order had not been processed correctly and I would have to continue waiting as a new order would have to be put in place. What a bloody shower of idiots. I agree with Sarah Gore-Booth and would like recommendations for a better provider in SW Scotland!
Does anyone at PLUSNET ever read any of theseHuhHuh If so what are you doing about the lousy serviceHuh?Huh
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
HI Paul, I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you've encountered. Have you managed to speak to our Support team about this?
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
@ Sarah Gore-Booth, I'm sorry to hear of the problems with your service. Hope this has now been resolved by our Faults team. If you'd like us to look into anything for you please don't hesitate to start a thread in our Community Forums -
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
@angela Macfie, sorry to hear of the wait times you've encountered. Have you managed to get this resolved now?
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
@ Suzanne, sorry to hear of the delay with your house move. Have you been told what the delay is? If not then please get in touch with us either via Facebook, Twitter or our Community Forums and we'll do our best to help.
Grafter fix my connection scumbags.
Plusnet Help Team
Sorry to hear you feel that way. We last looked at a fault for you in June, is this in relation to the same issue? Adam