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Our pick of podcasts to beat off the winter chill

Our pick of podcasts to beat off the winter chill

Our pick of podcasts to beat off the winter chill

Ear-Phones.pngDark mornings, dark nights and a chill in the air – all signs that winter is coming, and whether you love or loathe the change in season it’s time to wrap up, get cosy and distract yourself from those cold noses and icy fingers.

Sit back, grab a hot chocolate (other drinks are available) and read through our guide on the podcasts you don’t want to miss.

Podcasts for the commute

Travelling in the dull mornings and nights, whether walking, driving or via public transport is never an easy task, often leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Reading becomes a struggle, concentration weakens and even finding the energy to walk can become difficult, that’s where podcasts come in.

Having someone talking at you can help to keep you awake and alert and if it’s an early start or a late finish, it will certainly help with the commute. Ideal podcast subjects and genres for this would be ones that are educational and will help to stimulate your brain not to mention potentially providing you with something impressive to tell your work colleagues.

    • Stuff You Should Know. Arguably the best place to start when it comes to podcasts for learning everyday stuff. Whether you have an interest in animals, movies, sociology, countries, politics, you name it and there will be a podcast on it, no matter how obscure the topic may be. Josh and Chuck, writers for How Stuff Works, host the show and aim to inform their listeners about how things in life generally work.
    • The Infinite Monkey Cage. Join physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince on BBC Radio 4 as they put on their science hats and take a look at the world. Expect to listen to them chatting about subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, the point of plants and the Big Bang - all with a good dose of humour thrown in.


Podcasts for the evening

Podcasts are a great alternative to flaking out in front of the TV in the winter evenings, and mean that when you ‘have’ to go and make tea, go and pick the children up or retire to a different room, you don’t have to hit pause, you can just continue wherever you are.

Comedy chat shows and crime podcasts. Yes, these are very different in genre but depending on your day and mood one or the other will more than likely suffice.

  • Sword and Scale. This series covers real-life crime and gets into the real nitty gritty of high profile cases, criminal activity, missing cases and unresolved murders. If you loved Making a Murderer then this will be one for you, thrilling, true-crime and thought provoking.
  • As it Occurs to Me. After a five year gap the sketch comedy with Richard Herring is back. For those of you who aren’t familiar the half hour show follows the same format as before and is essentially a run-down of what Richard and guests have experienced and been mulling over during the week. Witty and relatable, there’s even sometimes a song.

Podcasts for the weekend

By the time the weekend arrives most of us are ready to take a step back and take some down time making podcasts on subjects such as cooking, sports and entertainment the areas to be steering your time towards.

The joy being that you can choose something that you’re truly interested in, they probably won’t require too much concentration and you’re likely to learn something new.

  • The kitchen is on Fire. If you often wonder about the up-rise of new culinary delights such as curly kale, spiralizing vegetables and purple bread (apparently a superfood that is digested quicker than white bread), then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by food writer James Ramsden, musician Sam Herlihy and special guests, the program covers everything to do with food including what new food groups will be gracing our supermarkets, and why they are so confusing.
  • Football Weekly. Have a Sunday (or Saturday) with James Richardson and team as they run through the week in the world of football. Covering the matches the antics and the politics on, and off, the pitch. Definitely one for those of you who don’t have time to digest all the football news in the week.
  • Elis James and John Robins on Radio X. If you miss their Saturday slot on the digital radio station and want a mix of music, chat and friendly banter then this is the podcast to download. Light-hearted, entertaining and sentiments of two guys being down the pub – just what your weekend needs!

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