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It’s a myth!

It’s a myth!

It’s a myth!


Earlier this week we launched a Micro-Site on Free Online advising prospective customers of the "Farytale of Free Broadband" and how our offerings compare. Below is the press release that we put out this morning :

Free-Online – and the fairytale of ‘free’ broadband

PlusNet the UK’s best value Internet service provider, operates a brand called Free-Online. Free-Online has recently seen an increase in visitors to its website, not surprising with all the talk of supposedly ‘free’ broadband. PlusNet and Free-Online believe a quality broadband service can never be truly free. That’s why today the Free-Online site has a new dedicated mini site that dispels the fairytale myth of ‘free’ broadband. Forever.

Why have a brand called Free-Online that doesn’t do ‘free’ broadband? Free-Online was launched back in 1999 at the height of the free dial up internet access boom, when internet access was subscription free. The irony now is Free-Online’s broadband is not free – it is however around the same real price as other ‘free’ offers. Confused? So are the majority of broadband users.

The Free-Online mini site sets out to help people see ‘free’ broadband deals for what they really are; a combined package of broadband, call plan and telephone line rental. It compares the deals of TalkTalk and Orange with Free-Online’s own package in a transparent, light hearted way.

Weary travellers searching for the non-existent pot of gold who find their way to Free-Online, will now find the fairytale of ‘free’ broadband has a happy ending.

Marco Potesta PlusNet’s Marketing Director, said:

‘We believe quality broadband is the most important component of any package deal, it’s therefore confusing to call it free. That’s why we steer away from saying something is ‘free’ when you have to buy other elements to get it. The new mini site is there to help people see the facts clearly and decide for themselves’.

This new Free-Online mini site is online now, take a look

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