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Gadgets of the Future: Which gets your vote?

Gadgets of the Future: Which gets your vote?

Gadgets of the Future: Which gets your vote?

Unusual gadgets Can you believe that in the last 40 years, our average gadget ownership has risen from 10 gadgets to 35 per average household? The tech industry is consistently coming up with new and unusual gadgets and this is bound to keep growing. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the more unusual gadgets to have surfaced recently as well as giving you, the reader, the opportunity to win some sought after tech ... In a recent report Future Foundation predicted the following future gadgets:

  • Split TV screens with social media alongside your favourite TV show
  • Front doors which scan your iris for home security
  • Robotic lawnmowers
  • Intelligent toys for kids, such as electronic pets

We’ve seen these for a long time in the movies so the ideas aren’t too shocking; it’s actually exciting the reality of these gadgets is just round the corner. Meanwhile, choice is not lacking in the gadget world, which is why the Plusnet team has been scouring the web to discover some of the latest and most unusual gadgets. To make some future predictions of our own, we want to know which of these gadgets you think are a guaranteed tech hit, and which have missed the tech plot.


But there’s more!

To spread the gadget and gizmo fun, we’ve added a prize draw. Once you’ve read about our chosen gadgets, and voted for what you think is a “hit” or “miss” you can then tweet about the voting for a chance to take part in our great prize draw. We want to hear you tweet in a fun and creative way either about the vote or about your favourite gadget...we want to see how quirky you can be. When tweeting remember to use #Hitormissgadgets @plusnet (so that we know how fun and creative you are). You’ll then have the chance to win one of of two available Ouya game consoles, complete with an Ouya controller. Ouya is the first stream only game console - worth £140! Winners will be notified on the 8th August 2013 and a copy of the full terms and conditions can be seen here. To recap:

  • Read and vote for your favourite gadgets
  • Using #Hitormissgadgets @plusnet tweet in a fun or creative way about your favourite gadget or the big vote
  • Before you make a judgement on what might be a hit or just something to miss out on, have a read of what some of our favourite industry experts think.

Richard Trenholm from Cnet’s gadget blog Crave, Jay Faulkner from Following The Nerd, and Tomi from Gadgets Boy have all volunteered to share their immediate thoughts on the gadgets from our list. A very big thank you to them all from the Plusnet team!!! So, without further ado, take a look at our list of the latest and most unusual gadgets and start voting!

 1. 3Doodler

You’ve heard of 3D printing, well, this is 3D drawing. With this pen you can draw objects in mid-air, and they magically appear in front of you. A pen fit for a futuristic sci-fi world, here today. Anything you can imagine can be created in no time with this pen. Check out the video below and you'll see what we mean. Jay’s thoughts on the 3Doodler are:

"In the hands of an artist the 3Doodler could be a fun toy, allowing someone to create some on-the-fly, intriguing, ‘wire’ art.  However it is closer to a glue gun that sets into plastic stencil type wire shapes than it is to a 3D printer.  As it stands it is something that looks likely to lose its charm relatively quickly."

What do you think? Click to tweet



2. See-Through Toaster

Do you, like me, have a toaster which toasts one side of the bread perfectly, but the other is either not toasted at all or burned to a cinder? You and I both need a new toaster. How about one, which is see-through, so we can keep an eye on what that toast it up to. Jay’s comments on the See Through Toaster are:

"I’m a father of two, and when I make toast I don’t have time to stand around and watch it cook as I am too busy fending of the apocalypse (that is what getting two boys ready for school feels like Wink ) – however, that said, I actually like the idea of being able to see the bread turn into toast.  It definitely isn’t a gadget that will change the world, it isn’t even the best thing since sliced bread (See what I did there?! J ) but it is quirky and when my existing chrome toaster needs replaced I can see a see-through one being bought."

The solution to perfect toast, or gadget too far? Vote below. Click to tweet

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3. 3M Streaming Projector

Don’t let the descriptive name fool you. This is a fun one. It’s a cinema, which fits in your pocket. Ever wished you could watch a film on a full screen while on the move? Find a flat service and you can do just that. Cinematic fun in a moment’s notice, anywhere, any time. The team from Gadgets Boy has had a look at this gadget, and Tomi’s thoughts on this are:

"Projectors have come a long way and having them in our pockets is a very good advancement in technology, the use is not widely recognised as of yet, may be due to their price tags but eventually we can all have them at hand ready for any situation."

Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in the US, but we still want to know if this is a hit or miss in your books. What do you think? Is this the future of our entertainment media? Click to tweet



4. Google Glass

I’m sure you know this one. Google Glass is the name of the new glasses from Google, with which you can search the internet while on the move. It came as no surprise, but this gadget got a very big reaction from all three of our tech experts. Here are Richard’s thoughts:

"Google's high-tech specs divide opinion. To some, they give you hands-free photos and video to record your adventures without requiring you to mess about with a camera. To others, they're an over-priced and over-hyped invasion of privacy. Either way Glass is one of the most interesting gadgets around at the moment."

Google Glass Source: Flickr – mjaysplanet- Is it the gadget of the year for you or is it over-hyped and over-priced? Click to tweet

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5. glo Pillow

Have trouble getting up in the morning? Well, the glo Pillow might be the solution for you, as it wakes you up gradually using a soothing light. Instead of being ripped out of slumber by a loud alarm clock, you can be gently nudged awake by the slowly increasing light from the glo Pillow. Richard has some experience with similar natural light waking gadgets:

"I've had a daylight-simulating alarm for a while, easing me into bleary-eyed consciousness each morning, so why not take the logical step and build it into a pillow? And next, I want a duvet with a coffee machine in it."

Vote about the glo Pillow below, not the coffee machine duvet. If someone invents this, we can add it to the next hit and miss round. Click to tweet

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6. Massage Me

Is your significant other always playing video games? Would you rather they gave you a massage? The Massage Me Video Game Controller ensures that you are both happy, as video games can still be played, whilst also giving you a massage. Surely, it’s a win-win. Or is it? Richard’s thoughts on this particular gadget are:

"Pushing your partner's buttons is very important, but there are some places gadgets shouldn't go. This is one example of an activity when the old low-tech ways are still the best."

Is the Massage Me the answer to all your couple’s arguments, or do you prefer the lo-tech solution? Click to tweet

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7. Bracelet Keys

This one is ideal for runners. So, if you’re taking part in the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon, and don’t know where to put your keys whilst training or running the marathon, how about wearing your keys around your wrist. Your key is built into the bracelet, serving as key and bracelet lock at the same time. Jay’s also in favour of the practicality of this gadget, but it’s not quite there yet:

"As a conceptual idea I actually love this one.  The idea of wearing your key is a very futuristic one, which combines fashion with an element of practicality – I mean if you get totally drunk you probably won’t lose your key, right then again will you remember that it is on your arm if you are that drunk …or even where you live?! – but will it work in reality?  Will all key designs fit on the bracelet itself?  If, like me, you routinely carry about 5 or 6 keys with you, will you have to wear 5 or 6 bracelets? For me this needs to go further into the future and make the bracelet the e-key and real keys obsolete! J"

What do you think? Cast your vote below. Click to tweet

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8. iPotty

Are you having trouble toilet training your toddler? Then this gadget is for you, as it does the work for you. The iPotty is an activity seat and potty in one with a table in which you insert your iPad. The idea is that the iPad grabs your child’s attention long enough for you to tell them about the potty part, they are sitting on, and how to use it. Source: CTA digital Richard’s thoughts on the iPotty are:

"It seems there's nothing that the iPad can't muscle in on. It's great that parents have lots of options to raise their kids, but I wonder if we're raising a generation of gadget addicts."

What do you think of the iPotty? Click to tweet

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9. LED Umbrella

Yes, it’s an umbrella, which lights up. If you want to be seen in a dark rainstorm, or if you simply want to go to a fancy dress party as the Penguin from Batman, then this the umbrella is for you. Jay is very keen on the sheer light-hearted novelty of this gadget:

"Let’s get the practicalities out of the way: 1/ this will keep you dry and 2/ it will keep you safer, in the dark streets, by making your more visible to traffic. "That said it will also be COOL to walk around with a glow in the dark umbrella!  "Everyone will stop and stare as you walk past, perhaps walking into lamp posts – and when isn’t that fun to watch?  "When you meet other people using LED umbrellas – and let’s face it, everyone will want one! – there can be a stare down before you either fight, light sabre style,  or nod sagely at each other and walk on by. "I love this so much I would probably use it on dry days, and indoors, too!”

Do you agree with Jay, that is a practical, fun and cool gadget, or do you think it’s an impulse buy that won’t be used? Click to tweet

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10. Ovei Pod

Not a new gadget, but certainly an unusual one. The Ovei pod is a stylish little pod, which gives you a personal media experience. You sit inside and have tech like music, games and internet surfing at your fingertips. Jay’s intrigued by this one:

"This is the single best way to spend a lot of money that I don’t have: built-in 5.1. surround sound system, variable lighting control, climate control, luxury leather seating and the latest flat screen technology.  "More than that though the Ovei is a fully enclosed environment.  Did I mention that I have two young kids?  "I love them dearly but there are moments when the idea of crawling into a warm, dark, womb like environment that is basically sound proofed and just being alone is appealing … just as long as there is room for my LED umbrella, of course ;)"

Ovei Pod Model: Ovei Pod beta Design: Lee McCormack Engineering: McLaren Applied Technologies Application: Performance Training It’s a stylish design, but does it add more to the media experience compared to the other media gadgets we already have? You decide below. Click to tweet

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Thanks for voting!

Thanks for taking part, and for voting for the gadgets you think are a hit or a big miss. We love to hear your thoughts on all things tech. Don’t forget to share the voting fun and tweet creatively about this article using #Hitormissgadgets @plusnet for your chance to win one of our great prizes. If you want to join in with the gadget discussion and talk about who you voted for and why, then leave your comments below and let’s discuss Smiley ...

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