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End of Day: 3rd November

End of Day: 3rd November

End of Day: 3rd November

The word of the day in Web Development is 'continue'.Wojtek & Mark are continuing to work on the upgrade process. Grzegorz is continuing his work on the line checker. Dan & I are continuing our work on the internal dashboard applications though I've also been working on making our speed tester more accessible for blind users. Gary is continuing his work on the business brand along with Andy & Nick who have also been working on problems & support pages. James has been continuing with the Help Assistant improvements and helping and assisting with some rollouts for the Marketing department. Phil has been continuing work on My Account. Jonny has been continuing his adoration of Bergerac and brushing up on his Finnish in order to join the fan club. Adheel from CSC:

Hey peeps, a busy Monday morning in the CSC today after a crazy weekend, which started with a spooky Halloween on Friday and ended with a new world champion in Lewis Hamilton on Sunday. (Well done!) The Top 5 issues seen in the CSC today are:
  1. Router Set-ups - We have had customers calling in today mainly for advice on how to set-up their routers. These include ones ordered from us (Thompson) and ones purchased from elsewhere (Belkin or Netgear mainly). Most customers get through setting these up successfully and in most cases the problem is an incorrectly typed password or an incorrect configuration setting.
  2. Email Set-ups - Similar to the above, new or existing customers needing some advice on setting up their email software. We mostly get applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail. Our support pages cover these in more detail, have you guys had a look around? Let us know if this can be improved anywhere as we are always looking for advice on how to improve our support sections.
  3. Provisioning Updates - Updates on orders to do with Home Phone or Broadband, can also be when a customer has called in to supply some more information such as a corrected phone number, address or migration key which helps speed up the whole process.
  4. New Faults - No one likes having problems with their broadband service, so that's why the CSC is open 24/7 to ensure if anyone has a problem this can be looked into as soon as possible. A large number of issues get dealt with on first contact into the CSC, but the ones that don't go onto our faults team for further investigation and line testing.
  5. Billing and Account Queries - And finally we have had customers calling in to update their payment details or to make a payment. We have also seen a number of customers calling in for advice on whether they are on the best package for them or not. Have you checked to see if you're on the best broadband package recently?
Hope everyone has a good night and rest of the week and hopefully next weekend will be another belter!

Matt from Comms:

Eurgh, Mondays. Is it just me or are the weekends getting shorter? And not in a number-of-daylight-hours sense, I know about that. Don't pay much attention to it to be honest, being the pasty-faced nerd that I am. Anyway. Well I've been helping out with a bit of training for the CSC and checking some forums, along with clearing some tasks out. Chris has been busy in the forums all day, collating important threads for the Nightmare Clown. Bob has been writing more Ironport material, has also been about in usenet and picking up a few things that he should have done this weekend but didn't because he played Dead Space for ten hours straight. Finally Mand has been conspicuously absent, probably because she's been in meetings all day. Chris has insisted that I put this in as the link of the day, in spite of the fact that it refused to work for me. Enjoy. We will. 'Bye.

Matt from Provisioning:

Its been a fairly busy day as usual for a Monday although not quite as colourful as Friday's Halloween shenanigans! And after a seeing some of the excellent pictures from Friday I'm sure a few people forgot to remove their masks Smiley Workwise we've had the usual flurry of calls and tickets that every monday brings. Over in the partner and phone provisioning teams its been the usual Monday workflow of battling through the tickets raised over the weekend to get as many customers on line as possible. Gordon and Carl in the partner provisioning team have been hard at work getting new partner signups provisioned and online. Dealing with the partners and BT getting issues resolved in a timely fashion as ever! Gordon also tells me there have been quite a few email queries from prospective partner customers which is all good! Myself and Davina have been toiling through the phone provisioning pool trying to get as many new installs booked in and keeping the BT engineers busy! Thats all from me folks!

James from Products:

I'd like to say that it's been fairly chaotic in the Products Team today. It has in a way, but part of that's been catching up from the weekend and running all kinds of various different reports and so on. Luke's been battling with the KPI machine today, with a couple of issues reporting on our daily signups and the like. He seems to have been plugging away nonetheless as he's been pretty quiet. Dave's been doing his usual traffic management checks as well as running a couple of reports for me. He's also looking at starting the RSPCS (Squirrels). Rich and Maria have barely been sat at their desks today as they seem to have spent their entire days in a multitude of meetings of some kind. To be honest, I haven't exactly asked them where they've been but meetings seems a safe bet. Ian's been looking into one of the hardware spreadsheets that I've been recording hardware information on for about the last month. This means that he's creating more work for me. He's also had a couple meetings of his own. I've spent the majority of my day reporting on hardware (which is normal) and looking into a couple of niggly issues, which don't really seem to have come to anything, which is nice! Anyhoo. It's off into the great dark outdoors we head, to recharge before another day. I hate daylight savings! I completely understand the rationale behind it being light in the mornings, but I don't really see the logic behind making it dark by half four!
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