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Customer feedback survey on Faults

Customer feedback survey on Faults

Customer feedback survey on Faults

PlusnetHello and a quick introduction from myself.  My name is Thomas Howells and I am part of the faults team.  I've been working here for about 2 and a half years now and I've lived in Sheffield all my life. The faults team are in place to handle connection problems from a second and third line point of view after the initial diagnostics have been completed. After every fault has been closed with us, we send our customers a survey to see how their fault experience was and if we can improve in any way. Usually this would be reviewed every 3 months and the results posted on a blog like this one. This time the survey actually covers a 6 month period. The previous results were:

  • 47% were kept updated by SMS
  • 29% were not aware of 0808 free dialup access
  • 74% rated the process as above average
  • 53% were very or extremely satisfied overall
  • 16% felt we did not understand their problem.

This period the results are as follows:

  • 42% were kept updated via SMS – down by 5%
  • 28% were not aware of the 0808 access – down by 1%
  • 76% thought the process was above average – up by 2%
  • 59% were very or extremely satisfied overall – up by 6%
  • 9% felt we did not understand their problem – down 7%

The above results have shown an increase in our customer satisfaction, whilst at the same time also showing a decrease in customer dissatisfaction. Both of these are pleasing results which is showing that the overall faults process seems to be improving and customers are generally happier in the way that we handle their fault. We have seen a drop in the amount of customers using our SMS service which we feel will get a great deal of our attention now. With the ability to use our two-way text systems we feel it allows customers to communicate with us with more ease rather than having to call.  This is essential in making lives easier for our customers who struggle to get on-line. In more recent months we have found that we are ever more on top of faults work and that we're providing updates on a more frequent basis. Plans are now being put in place to try and improve how fast we handle faults and to get initial diagnostics completed sooner so we can have engineers out faster and therefore clear line faults in more timely fashion. There has been a decrease in the amount of people using our 0808 (FRIACO dialup) access but as we get further and further away from the years of dial up access then this is understandable as more customers don't own dial up modems any more. Currently we're trialling our ADSL2+ service and how we will handle the faults process when we move to the new network. This is still very much a trial for both ourselves and BT and progress is being made.  We hope to move this from being a trial to a standard service we offer very soon. You can join the trial here. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.


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