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CSC continues the strike back

CSC continues the strike back

CSC continues the strike back

The IVR was opened up today to allow the remaining Broadband Faults through to the CSC. We have seen a slight upturn in calls but this has had no negative effect.

As we move forwards in the fight against the dark side, the strike back continues.

Team B have pledged to commit 4 hours each, out of work time tomorrow, (Wed) to further reduce the current number of tickets. Is any one else prepared to beat this one???

Luke and I put our window dressing skills to good use yesterday and I reckon the prize table in the CSC is looking pretty good indeed. “Suit you Sir”

So whether its beer, wine or chocolate, the table is full and and its yours for the taking Smiley

Simon Leary is currently helping out the TSM’s whilst I get up to speed. Another shoulder for me to lean on. Nice one Simon.

Many congratulations are due to the PlusNet football team who recently were Division 1 winners in the Soccerscene Summer 2006 league and runners up in the Cup. Special CSC pats on the back to Nick Dodds, Simon Leary and James Kirkham. Well done all.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more news. Meantime, may the force be with you.


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