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Big Brother, broadband and some Plusnet laughs …

Big Brother, broadband and some Plusnet laughs …

Big Brother, broadband and some Plusnet laughs …

Celebrity Big Brother might have finished up, but there's still plenty online for fans looking to get their fix. Just read on and find out more about Big Brother, broadband and our funny Plusnet diary room video clips.

Big Brother … and broadband?!

At Plusnet, we're all about good, honest broadband. So we can't really imagine what it's like to go without t'internet. In part, that's why we were keen to sponsor this year's Celebrity Big Brother - as we couldn't help but be interested in what people get up to when they don't have access to a phone or an internet connection. Especially as we imagine celebrity housemates will be used to frequently Googling themselves and tweeting non-stop. We asked the housemates how they thought they'd be spending their time in the house (without having a phone or internet access) before CBB kicked off. Winner Denise Welch said "sleeping and smoking."  If you're a BB fan, you can check our Plusnet YouTube channel to see what each contestant said in their 'time capsule' videos. What's more, we asked BB to tell us a bit more about the technology in the house. And, according to the numbers, what the house lacks in broadband, it more than makes up for in cameras. In the BB house, there are …

  • 43 cameras
  • 11 infrared cameras for filming in the dark
  • 5 manned cameras (including one that films overnight)

And, apparently, there are a whopping 62 mirrors and over 1km of LEDs, as well as high-tech editing suites.

Bringing some northern humour straight to the BB House

We took time out ahead of CBB beginning to film our very own BB clips, and we like to think we brought some northern humour direct to the diary room. We had the Plusnet band play 'Ruby, Ruby, Ruby' and even Joe's Yorkshire terrier tried sitting on our diary room chair. In case you missed Big Brother, here is our pick of our favourite clips of our Joe and his dad bringing some good old-fashioned laughs straight to the BB diary room: The "dairy room" - well, you wouldn't get a cow in t'diary room! Joe feeling watched … Joe taking one on t'head … Joe's Dad and his "super injunction" … You'll find more clips on our YouTube channel as well. What's your favourite Plusnet Big Brother clip? Could you cope without the internet if you had to - like in the BB house? Chime in below to let us know …


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