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Why cant my Hub One connect to powerline adapters?

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Registered: ‎20-05-2020

Why cant my Hub One connect to powerline adapters?



I have just switched (yesterday) from Vodafone fibre to Plusnet fibre and am currently using the One hub while the line sets itself up.


I have one issue with the One hub that is causing major headaches for me in that the One hub wont connect to the Netgear AV500 powerline adapter that is plugged into it.

A cable connection from the One hub to a laptop is fine so I know the pors on the hub are ok and the Powerlines are ok as the other ones in my home are all still working


Whichever one I have connected to the One hub will connect to the other powerlines but the One hub seems to just not want to recognise it.

I have tried other powerline adapters, ethernet cable and sockets on the Hub but no joy


The only way I can get a connection to the upstairs of my house is to run a 20 metre ethernet cable round the room and connect it to the 8 port Netgear switch that connects all my AV equipment  as this also has a powerline adapter connected


I know full hard wiring would be the best but its not an option in my home ( wife wouldnt be happy with more new wires) so I have to stay with the powerlines, but its the fact that the new One Hub wont connect whereas the vodafone and hour earlier was fine connecting


I have a Draytek 2862 that will be replacing the One hub in a few days but I want to let the line settle before I changed the router - but in the meantime I still need to use the internet upstairs


Has anyone else had this issue with the powerline adapters?




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Re: Why cant my Hub One connect to powerline adapters?


could it be DHCP is enabled on the powerline adapters? Or, perhaps the adapters have the network range (from your previous set-up) that are not the same.

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Re: Why cant my Hub One connect to powerline adapters?

What Raoul said, if you don't switch the powrlines on / off, they will retain IP from previouse router.

I have a combination of 200mb/ 300/600 all on same and have to power each one on off whenever I swap routers