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Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

The colours and the 'b' represent the state of the broadband.
Because you're not using it for broadband then it will show disconnected (orange) and no broadband signal (flashing 'b')
You should be able to turn off the light in the router controls.
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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update


If you haven’t got the option to switch off the lights then stick some tape over them.


I haven’t got a hub one so don’t know but think that I have read that the light is not controllable.

To add to my confusion, on the earlier software versions (I have not checked it recently) of the Smarthub, whilst you can dim or switch off a blue light this comes back on and shows/flashes the appropriate colour if you have what it thinks is a fault, like using it as a switch. I don’t know what a hub one does should it have a dimming function .

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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

On the Hub One there are two choices of LED brightness - Bright & very bright 😲

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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

Hi.  My Smarthub 6 has started to glow Orange again for no reason. Had a couple of BB outages and restarted the hub seemed to clear things. Then today it started to run very slow despite BB Speedtests showing I had 64MBps+ speeds.  We then lost all BB. A call to the tech line and tests/resets did not help. Awaiting a call back.


Plugged in the old Plusnet Router and Openreach Modem and all up and running again, except without the Wifi coverage the BT Hub 6 was giving me.


Any ideas what's up? Has the router died? Seems to go through all the self test routines ok.

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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

Hi @NicDB

Have you had a chance to check the authentication details (PPP username and password) were correct? Sometimes routers can lose this due to external factors.

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 Alex H
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Re: Using A BT Smarthub, An Update

Dear Baldrick,

I'd like to thank you for your excellent instructions for setting up a BT router on Plusnet. I too have experienced the frustration of all too regular speed drops since joining Plusnet, and consequently purchased a BT Business Smart Hub 7 from Ebay. Your instructions made it a doddle to set up and so far it's working brilliantly. As I've only had it for two days, it's too soon to be certain that it's cured my problem, but I live in hope.

Plusnet should take the bull by the horns and warn all new users that they are likely to have problems, but I guess that's never going to happen. I had intended keeping a record of the frequent speed drops I experienced and using it as evidence so that I could terminate my contract without paying a fee, but it's just too much aggravation. However, I really look forward to the end of my contract and being able to go back to Virgin's fast and reliable fibre broadband. I should never have left them, just negotiated a better price.

Again thank you very much for your brilliant instructions. 

Tony East