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Plusnet Hub One

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Plusnet Hub One

I have been on live chat this evening and nothing, my router software version is

And I’m have connection problems with Ethernet and WiFi is the router up to date ?
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Re: Plusnet Hub One

Hi @Lee32  and welcome to the forums.

my router software version is

That's definitely out of date!! The current one is

Plusnet are currently in the process of sending out the latest one,, which is due to be completed by the second week of this month.

As yours didn't update last time, it may need a nudge. Hopefully someone from Plusnet will see this and check to see if yours will auto update, or whether they'll get it sent to yours manually.

There's every chance your issues are related to being on an old version.

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Re: Plusnet Hub One

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Re: Plusnet Hub One

Can someone send the update to my router as it’s not working correct and starting to become a problem to the point I’m thinking of leaving
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Re: Plusnet Hub One

If it's also dropping out on an Ethernet connection it's probably not a firmware problem. 

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Re: Plusnet Hub One

Hi @Lee32,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues. I've raised a request to our products team to update the firmware to the latest version. If you continue to experience any issues after the update goes through please let us know and we'll be happy to take a further look into this with you.

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 Alex H
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Re: Plusnet Hub One

Firmware was upgraded on the 6th.

Bob Pullen
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