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Internet keeps dropping

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Internet keeps dropping

My internet keeps dropping to my newish wireless iPad and iPhone (both IOS 15.6.1) although the blue light stays on. Resetting the router and also disconnecting wifi and re-connecting to the above devices works but this only works for less than a day. Strangely the wired connection to my Windows 10 computer doesn’t experience any dropouts. The Plus net router is a 9C9G model, about 3 years old. I’m in Eastbourne, E.Sussex. 

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

@alanch1 - What you describe sounds more like you are losing the wifi connection from your Apple devices to the PN router. The next time this happens can you go to Settings -> WiFI on the Apple device that has lost connection and see if it shows the SSID of the PN router with a check mark next to its name. If it doesn't then this means you are not connected wirelessly to the PN router. If there is no check mark, then select the PN router from the list of the SSIDs and see if that then connects. 

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Hiya @alanch1, thanks for getting in touch. I'm really sorry that you are having some issues with your Apple devices. It sounds like you would benefit from having your routers wireless frequencies split, so you can manually connect these devices to the best one. 


This is something I can do from my side for you if you like? It will just cause a brief wireless drop. Alternatively, this is something that you can do from your side, there's a guide this thread here:

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