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How do I turn on Port 22?

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Registered: ‎02-09-2018

How do I turn on Port 22?

I run a few personal websites, where I use PuTTY and FileZilla, to connect to the website's server and manage their web files.  I have been using PuTTY and Filezilla, with no problems on the PlusNet Router, for about 9 months now.  I have just come back from being away for 5 days.  Upon my return, I noticed that I could no longer use the aforementioned programs to connect to my server.  If you refer to my attached image, you will see that I end up with an error notification.  Its the same with Filezilla too.



After browsing online, I read that there could be a Port issue.  As such, I used the Port Forwarding Tester resource, where I found that my Port 22 was closed.  I am assuming this is the issue.


As such, is anyone aware if PlusNet has changed any settings?  Also, why would this change had occurred and how can I resolve this?

Just in case the issue was not related to the Port, I did try the following to:


  • Reset the Router to Factory Settings;
  • Rebooted the Router;
  • Rebooted Computer;
  • Used a different device on the same Router;
  • Switched the Router off then back on again.

The only way to access my server, via the above programs, is to now work from a different IP address.

Does anyone have any potential suggestions or solutions to this?

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Re: How do I turn on Port 22?

@WebSurf - Welcome to the forums.

First have you checked to see if you IP address has changed while you have been away? If the remote FTP server(s) are configured properly they may be expecting your FTP connection to come from a specific IP address. But from your last comment this may not be the case.

Secondly the utility you used to check the port I assume you used the server’s IP and not your own as detected by the software? You don’t need to have port 21 open on your  machine but it does need to be open on the server(s) on which you are uploading the file to as it is their FTP server you are using.

Lastly, what do you mean the only way to get access is to work from a different IP, how are you connecting to this other device?