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Fibre and New Router

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Fibre and New Router


     I have new router from PlusNet a PlusNet hub one .  At the moment my set up is a Sagemcom 2704N router and a Open Reach fibre box . What i need to know do i set my new router up the same as the Sagemcom using the Open Reach box or do i just need to use the  PlusNet hub one ? .

I have tried both ways and cant get on the internet.

Any help would be great . 

Thanks for your help 






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Re: Fibre and New Router

You don't need the openreach modem with the Hub 1.

All you should need to do is connect it up, and make sure you have the correct username and password. 

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Re: Fibre and New Router

If it's not working then set it up again from scratch from these instructions:

If that doesn't work try a factory reset by pushing a paperclip or similar into the reset hole on the router. Keep the switch closed for at least 20 seconds.