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BT Smart Hub 6 Type A and Type B

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BT Smart Hub 6 Type A and Type B

Having plugged in a TP-Link range extender close to my Plusnet Hub 1 normally it only showed 3 of the 5 signal strength lights. Did a little search and found that forum members rate the BT Smart Hub 6 as the hub to go for.

So I ordered one from eBay - new for £15.

It arrived and printed on the box is Item Code 088047 that I could find no reference to - subsequently found there is a sticker  088044 on the box.

Oh well, I thought, may as well set it up using the instruction on the forum.

Started to change the IP subnet and discovered that the BT Hub and Plusnet Hub were both set to

So I just set the BT Hub from autoset put my Plusnet Broadband username and password in to the BT Hub and it connected.

Sadly, it seems no different in performance to the Plusnet hub as regards the lights on the TP-Link device.

Subsequently discovered that the hub is type B so did a search on the BT forum. There they state that there is no basic difference between A & B just different manufacturers with claims that the B was slightly better.

The main difference is that Type A only comes in FTTC falvour whilst the Type B comes in FTTC and FTTP flavours.

On the basis that they are basically the same go for the Type B if you want to go the Smart Hub route as they are very easy to setup.


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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 Type A and Type B

@PaulT1  Welcome to the forum 

Just a few corrections to your post

i understand that the type B is indeed made by another company but also uses a different chipset which might or might not work better on any specific line/FTTC street cabinet manufacturers equipment, which can be from either of two companies.

There is a Type A FTTP Smarthub 6. These tests were made using one in my possession

In my opinion the jury is out whether the old Smarthub 6 or Smarthub 2 is best, it’s ‘horses for courses’. See.

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