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Set Activation Date

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Set Activation Date



I've just signed up for broadband but at no point did it ask me if I'd like a particular activation date (or even a general idea). I need the line to be activated on or after the 1st February since my current housemate is leaving and taking their broadband contract with them.


I realise that engineer availability may vary but it doesn't seem unusual that someone would want to arrange a switch after their current deal ends a month in advance, perhaps this is something you could consider adding to the sign up process.


Can you help please as there seems to be no way of requesting this through the account system either?



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Re: Set Activation Date


Hi there

if your sign up has been Successful then you should have  created an account where you were asked to give your email address. Subsequently you should have received emails  to that address detailing progress of your order and at least one of them would've given you a proposed activation date for your new service. 

 If you can't find any of this information then I get on to plus net to see what's going on 

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Re: Set Activation Date

Thanks, called the customer support and got straight through (on the first working day after xmas, impressive). They've pushed the activation date back for me. I'm a little surprised they ask for characters of the password but that's an issue for a different thread.

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Re: Set Activation Date

Welcome to the community forums @FreneticMonk

I'm glad to see you've got through to us over the phone without a wait.

I've checked up on your order and it's been confirmed by our suppliers for the 2nd.


Let us know how it goes.

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