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Changing contract to remove landline

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Changing contract to remove landline

Hi All 


I am out of contract and about to renew, mainly to get rid of the Landline as I no longer need it. I could also do with a new hub, I am on an old Hub1 and it is getting cranky, needing frequent restarts to get wifi working. if I renew will I automatically receive a new hub?

The new contract would be 24 months, which would normally be fine, but I would like to switch to full fibre once it is available. Would I be able to switch without penalty when it becomes available?




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Re: Changing contract to remove landline


If you recontract you should be able to opt to recieve a new Nub 2 router but there will be a P & P charge of £6.99.

If you recontract on ADSL or FTTC then, unless Plusnet have changed products recently, you will still have your phone number associated with your broadband. As you probably know, unless you opt for a call package the cost of your phone line is effectively zero.

If FTTP becomes available to you via Plusnet (i.e via the Openreach network) you should be able to upgrade to that but it would probably mean entering into a new contract. 

Whilst FTTP tends to be available only on 24 month contracts, the last time I looked, ADSL and FTTC were still available on shorter contracts.

If you ring the COT on 0800 013 2632 (which is normally answered reasonably quickly) they should be able to give you definitive answers as to current policy / availablity.

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Re: Changing contract to remove landline


Ring the COT as advised and tell them that you wish to recontract and want a Hub 2. That will not be a problem. Also, contract length is negotiable, go for the cheapest. Once FTTP becomes available simply ring the COT again and they will terminate your existing contract and start you on a new FTTP one without any penalty charges.

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Re: Changing contract to remove landline

@jgb Plusnet now offer a SOGEA service which is FTTC with no phone service, so no landline number. Might be slightly cheaper than existing phone line and broadband, I was offered it as an upgrade for £1 less per month so not much. I'm keeping the phone going for now.