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New contract. Discount not applied.

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Registered: ‎24-04-2020

New contract. Discount not applied.

I have just renewed my contract with Plusnet  and my discount has not been applied (as usual).

I have tried phoning customer services and a message says they cannot answer the phone. I have used Facebook messaging and all that comes back is a link to a blog that is no help.I asked for help regarding the need to speak to someone and I am now ignored. I cannot find a way of emailing them.

Doing me proud? My only opting is to cancel the DD.

This discount not being applied is a very common thing - they do this every time and you have to contact to sort it out. The billing system is absolute rubbish.

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Re: New contract. Discount not applied.


A Plusnet staff member should pick up your post here.

There is no email contact for Plusnet. The options (in normal times) are phone, these forums, Facebook or Twitter. Not ideal as the online options are public. At the moment, Plusnet are concentrating their more limited resources on issues where customers have no service or other faults, but they will pick your billing issue in due course (most seem to be seen in about a day).

I agree that Plusnet do have a problem with ensuring that discounts etc. are applied correctly on new contracts. I have exactly the same problem (amongst others!).

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Re: New contract. Discount not applied.

Good afternoon, I can see that you have spoken to a member of the team already.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us further.



 Jo Clark
 Plusnet Help Team