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New Contract Not Applied

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New Contract Not Applied

My old contract came to an end in September. I negotiated a new contract to start in October but this still hasn't been applied to my account. I was overcharged and refunded in October and November after complaining, but Plusnet still haven't amended my direct debit and at the rate they are going I am going to be overcharged again in December. As the new contract hasn't been applied am I actually under contract as I would like to cancel my account due to poor service?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Contract Not Applied


Hello @Seahorse,


I am very sorry to hear about this issues, after looking over the account I have created a ticket for you with further information on this for you here.


Please feel free to add any comments or queries onto the ticket linked above.

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 Maddy S
 Plusnet Help Team