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Voicemail Notifications

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Voicemail Notifications

I've ported my service over to PlusNet a couple of months ago.  Prior to that I was using my device on both O2 and Vodafone, where I had no problems in regard to voicemail notifications (i.e. symbol appearing on notification bar of device whenever a new voicemail had been left on server).

Since joining PlusNet, I do not receive any notification a voicemail has been left UNLESS I restart the device.  I'm assuming the re-registration of the device causes the voicemail server to push a notification to the device - so I know the network supports the messaging and that my device is compatible with it.  However, any subsequent voicemails left on the server do not automatically push a new notification (unless another restart is executed).  Unfortunatley, this is not workable as I am missing too many important messages.

I spoke with your customer care helpline earlier who were under the impression that the device automatically knows there is a message waiting - this is not the case - the voicemail server MUST send a notification to the device everytime a new message is left.

Can you please let me know how this can be addressed?  The device is a Galaxy Note 5 - APN settings have been fully checked.  Unfortunately, if we can get to the root cause of the issue, I will need to report out to another network.



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Re: Voicemail Notifications

Hello sleepygecko,

Thanks for getting in touch, I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing some issues with your voicemail!

As Plusnet mobile is an MVNO, we do have a basic voicemail service which may not always have the same functionality as the big 3 networks. We tend to find that the voicemail notifications do vary from
handset to handset, some handsets do allow you to manually enable the notifications, but this is not something we can do via the network. This would explain why you are getting the odd notification
when you restart your device, but not when the voicemail is originally left.

If you would like me to open up your account and try some troubleshooting, you could send me a PM and I can look into this further for you Smiley


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Voicemail Notifications

Both my wife and I are having exactly the same issue since moving to Plusnet Mobile. She has an iPhone 6 I have a Galaxy S8+

Tried every setting on the phone, restarting and new SIM card. Nothing works. Called customer support and get repeatedly told it's an issue with my device, not the network.
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Re: Voicemail Notifications

Sorry to hear you're having same issues (but pleased to see that the issue is visible on multiple device types as it reconfirms this is not a device issue).

I've spoken with multiple people in customer care and exchanged emails with support, to no avail.  I work in telecoms and have been able to point them to the specifications that describe the exact behaviour and messaging expected from the network.  Initially the company line was that it was the device at fault.  Most recently, they are blaming the voicemail server in their network (although Plusnet are an MVNO hosted on the EE network, the voicemail server is one of the pieces of equipment they do own).  I believe it is a very basic solution with very limited functionality.  Not being able to reliably deliver voicemail notifications is something you might have expected in the early 90s, but not now.  If they cannot offer a solution to this very quickly, I'll be forced to move several SIMs to another network (employees of mine and also family).

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Re: Voicemail Notifications

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Re: Voicemail Notifications

I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 and I only receive voicemail notifications when I restart the phone, please confirm solution. 

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Re: Voicemail Notifications

I don't claim to know much about this (not my forté), however I was always under the impression that visual voicemail is a two part equation. First, the device needs to support it. Secondly, the operator needs to permit it somehow for that device. Fine example is the various Google phones I've had over the years. They all support visual voicemail (and WiFi calling), yet I'm not able to take advantage due to something network operator side (Vodafone, in this case).
Whilst I can't explain the power cycle behaviour, I think it's fair to say we don't support visual voicemail at present.
Out of curiousity, is this the only way you know you have a voicemail? (I'm an Android fanboy).
Do you not get an SMS or similar telling you the same?

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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