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Cancelled in Oct , but you're still sending me Bills

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Cancelled in Oct , but you're still sending me Bills



I've cancelled my contract in Oct 2017 ( 30 day Sim Only Plan)  by speaking to one of your agents.


i fully understand that i have to give 30days notice which I have done, so I know I'd have to make one more additional monthly payment.


But it's now Dec and you're still sending, me Bills,





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Re: Cancelled in Oct , but you're still sending me Bills

Hi Bubz786.



We do retain accounts on our system for a short time after the account has been ‘closed’ in order to facilitate things like the issuing of PACs and retention of records of prior contact. Sometimes the system can generate bills automatically, depending on the billing date, and the bills will stipulate that you owe £0.00. These may take the following form:


  • "As your account is in credit by 'x' amount, we won't be taking a payment from you this month
  • "Your Direct Debit for the payment amount £0.00 will be taken on or around 'xx/xx/xxxx'


I can appreciate the confusion caused by this, for which I apologise. If you’d like me to clear things up, and remove your email details from the system to ensure you no longer receive these messages, please send me a Private Message.

 Michael Williams
 Plusnet Help Team