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Mobile App. Niggles

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Registered: ‎03-12-2013

Mobile App. Niggles

Have been using the mobile app for a few weeks now. On the whole it does its job admirably but there are a couple of issues that make it something of a PITA from time to time.

One is that for a significant percentage of times when I try to use it, the connection to Plusnet's data source times out. No, it's not a hole in the mobile coverage as its just as likely to happen when on wifi connected via fast broadband. Maybe a sign of some penny-pinching when it comes to server horsepower to support the app?

The second pain in the rump is that when the data connection times out, there is a good chance that the app will loose my login credentials. As a result I have to go through the fiddly business of re-inputting name and password and getting the login re activated. This has happened three times since I installed the app a couple of weeks ago.

These problems really take the shine off of the nice new app.and I'm sure I'm not the only one affected. Can someone tell the developers about these bugs, or tell me how to put in a bug report?