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Product archive: Plusnet Unlimited

Product archive: Plusnet Unlimited

Product archive: Plusnet Unlimited

Plusnet Unlimited was a standard broadband product offering up to 17Mb speeds where available. It was launched on 17th April 2009and withdrawn from sale to new customers on 21st October 2009

1. How much does Plusnet Unlimited cost?

The monthly cost depends on your the market category of your exchange.
Exchange CategoryCost for first 3 monthsCost after 3 months
Current price
as of 4th January 2011
Market 1 and 2£11.99£25.42
Market 3£11.99£21.34
Price between
1st January 2010- 3rd January 2011
Market 1 and 2£11.99£20.42
Market 3£11.99£16.34
Price at product launch
17th February 2009 - 31stDecember 2009
Market 1 and 2£11.99£19.99
Market 3£11.99£15.99

2. What's the monthly usage allowance?

There is no monthly usage allowance on Plusnet Unlimited.

3. What features and extras are available?

  • Plusnet Protect is available for £2 per month
  • Plusnet Assist is available for free
  • Broadband Phone PAYG was available for free if registered before 19th December 2012.
  • One domain can be registered for use with Plusnet email and webspace for £1 per month
  • Webspace is not available as standard (but could be kept if switching from a product with webspace)
  • All connections are assigned a dynamic IP as standard (a Static IP can be assigned for a one-off fee of £5)

4. What's the referral value?

Plusnet Unlimited has a referral value of 50p per month.
Find out more about referrals.

5. How is traffic management applied?

To find out more about how and why we manage traffic, see our Traffic management guide.

We assign all traffic on the network a priority, with the more time-sensitive applications given a higher priority. Higher priority traffic gets bandwidth before lower priority traffic. As the total bandwidth available is shared, this means lower priority traffic can be slower at busy times when there's less bandwidth available.
ActivityTraffic Priority
Browsing & EmailGold
Plusnet FTPGold
External FTPGold plated
Download sitesGold plated
Download serversGold plated
peer-to-peer & Binary UsenetBronze
As well as prioritising traffic we apply rate-limits to make sure everyone gets a good online experience. Below are the download speeds we aim for on Plusnet Unlimited throughout the day.

  • If you're not sure what the categories mean, see the key below the table
  • These speeds are not guaranteed, and you may see lower if the network is busy. Under normal conditions and providing our network is performing well, we relax the rate limits on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Before reporting a problem, make sure you read our tips on How to get the best broadband speed

BrowsingLine speed
EmailLine speed
VoIPLine speed
Peer to peer/UsenetLine speed512kb/s256kb/s164kb/s128kb/s128kb/s256kb/s512kb/s
Plusnet FTPLine speed
External FTPLine speed256kb/s164kb/s256kb/s512kb/s
YouTubeLine speed2.5Mb/sLine speed
Download sitesLine speed1Mb/s512kb/s256kb/s512kb/s
Download serversLine speed2Mb/s
StreamingLine speed
OtherLine speed228kb/sLine speed


  • Browsing - Viewing webpages with a web browser
  • Email - Sending and receiving email with an email program such as Outlook or Mac Mail
  • VoIP - Making phone calls over your broadband connection
  • Peer to peer/Usenet - Downloading with from file sharing applications or binary newsgroups (does not include text only services)
  • Plusnet FTP - Using FTP to move files to or from servers operated by us
  • External FTP - Using FTP to move files to or from servers not operated by us
  • VPN - A secure way to connect to a network at another location, often used by home workers to access work systems. Includes VNC and Windows Remote Desktop. Network protocols such as SSH and Telnet also fall under the VPN category
  • Gaming - Online gaming
  • Download sites & servers - Large file transfers to or from the following sites and sources
  • Streaming - Playing continuous multimedia TV, movie or music files
  • Other - Activities that do not fit into the above categories

  • Activities not listed are not restricted but are subject to Traffic prioritisation
  • The speeds shown here don't represent your overall line speed
  • Demos, games downloads and system updates from services such as PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE fall under the Download Servers category rather than Gaming
  • Applications not using their standard ports may be classed incorrectly
  • Line Speed depends on the type of broadband you have

    TypeDownload speedUpload speed
    Fixed speedup to 2Mb/sup to 256kb/s
    Max DSL/Max Premiumup to 6Mb/sup to 448kb/s
    Max Premium*up to 6Mb/sup to 832kb/s
    ADSL2+ (Residential products)up to 17Mb/sup to 1.3Mb/s** 
    ADSL2+ (Business products)up to 18Mb/sup to 1.3Mb/s** 
    Fibreup to 76Mb/s up to 19.5Mb/s 
    * Max DSL Premium is available on request for customers using Max DSL broadband. Please see our Max Premium FAQ for more details.
    ** ADSL2+ circuits are provisioned at 448Kb/s by default. Speeds can be uncapped on request using the Help Assistant.
    † Annex A upload speed is up to 1.3Mb/s. Annex M upload speed is up to 2.5Mb/s; availability is dependent on line conditions and costs £10 per month exc.VAT. It is available on request using the Help Assistant.
    ‡ This shows the maximum speed available for the technology, but speeds may be capped depending on your broadband product

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