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How to setup dialup on Windows 2000

How to setup dialup on Windows 2000

How to setup dialup on Windows 2000

  1. Click on the Start button onto Settings, then Network and Dial Up Connections and click Make New Connection

    Make New Connection

  2. This will open the Network Connection Wizard. Click Next.

    Network Connection Wizard

  3. Select Dial-up to Private Network (the top option) and click Next.

    Dial-up to private network

  4. Enter your dial-up number in the Phone Number box (If you're not sure what this is, please see our 'Connection Guide' support page.

    Make sure Use dialling rules is not ticked and click Next.

    Phone number

  5. Select For all users and click Next.

    Mark 'For all users'

  6. Give your connection a name (pick something that's easily identifiable, e.g. Plusnet dialup).

    Make sure Add a shortcut to my desktop is ticked and click Finish.

    Name the connection

  7. On your desktop, double click on the connection icon (it'll have the name you entered in the last step) to launch the Connect window.

    Enter your Account username and password. The number you entered in Step 4 should appear in the 'Dial' field (automatically).

    To connect, click Dial.

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