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1. What is ADSL2+?

ADSL2+ is type of broadband supplied over BTs '21CN' network. It offers download speeds 'up to' 17Mb.

2. Is ADSL2+ available on my telephone exchange?

You can check the status of your exchange (and find out when it is due to be upgraded if it hasn't happened yet) by searching with your phone number or post code at
If you see BT have advised that this exchange is enabled for WBC on 21CN, ADSL2+ should be available in your area.

3. ADSL2+ is available in my area, when will I get it?

If you're signing up as a new customer, you'll get ADSL2+ if it's available and your line can support it.
If you're already with us, we're currently upgrading our customer base (there's a lot of you so it'll take some time) and we'll be in touch as and when the service is available.
If you don't want to wait, you can request an upgrade via the Help Assistant.

4. What happens if my line can't support ADSL2+?

If your line can't support speeds above 4Mb, we'll provide you with ADSL Broadband (offering download speeds 'up to' 6Mb). Although this has a lower maximum speed, it will make sure you get a stable service and a better all-round experience.

5. Will my router work with ADSL2+?

As a rule of thumb, it'll be fineif you bought your router in 2010 or later. If you're not sure, check with the manufacturer to see if it'll work. Many manufacturers will be able to tell you how to upgrade the firmware (software) of an older router/modem to make it work with ADSL2+, so you might not need to buy a new one.
If you’d like a new router, we can provide one for free if you agree to remain a broadband customer for 12 months. All you'd need to pay is the postage.

Plusnet supplied routers/modems which will work with ADSL2+

Thomson / Technicolor
  • 582n
  • 585v8
  • 585v7
  • 516v6
  • 510v6

  • DSL 2640B
  • DSL 320B
  • DSL 320T

  • 2091
  • 2110
  • 210

There's a more extensive list in the Community Library which also includes hardware not supplied by us.
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