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Home Phone Bill Discrepancies

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Home Phone Bill Discrepancies

Since February I have been trying to have a conversation with CS, via the "Question" system,about my home phone bill.

My home phone is set up to receive incoming calls only; all outgoing calls are routed via VOIP, so I should never have any call charges and no calls should appear on the itemised bill.

In February a call charge appeared on my bill so I studied Plusnet's billing pages to understand what had happened.

I discovered that call charges appear in 2 different places. In one of these places there was a call and a charge, in the other there was no call and no charge shown. So a clear discrepancy in the 2 systems.

I raised this issue via 2 questions (199180460) and (199739507). I have attached files showing the discrepancy on at least 2 occasions Each reply I have received from CS is from a different agent (the count is 7 so far) and each time they seem unable to grasp the basic issue, so I have not received a satisfactory answer.

I would like someone from Plusnet management to read the 2 questions, to look at the billing system and then explain what is going on, please.