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Caller ID not working after house move

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Caller ID not working after house move

Hi, you've just successfully completed our house move, with phone line and internet switch over all happening seamlessly, so thank you....except for - our caller ID function isn't working any longer. If someone calls in, our phones just say 'external caller'. The caller ID worked perfectly before the move and new phone line. The Caller ID option still appears to be enabled on my account, but still no numbers are being displayed.

When I dial *#234# I get the message "the service requested is not available".

Having read other threads in the forum, it seems that this usually means that there is something not properly configured on the Plusnet side. Is there anybody from Plusnet that can look into this for me and sort? 

Many thanks! Kind regards


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Re: Caller ID not working after house move


Thanks for your post @nigelgta and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to see your caller display isn't working after moving house.

From what I can see we hadn't provisioned this on your line, so I've placed an order with our suppliers to arrange. 

It should be working within an hour. Can you let us know how it goes? Smiley

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