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home phone number changed over

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home phone number changed over

HI there, 

Im wondering if anyone can help me. I have set up plusnet for my grandparents and they have had a email to give them a new home telephone number, but im wishing to keep the same number for them. I didnt see any info regarding this when setting up.

Please can someone help.


Many thanks


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Re: home phone number changed over

@sheridanrose  Welcome to the forum.

You need to specify this when you take out the contract. You need to contact Plusnet as soon as possible or the number will go back into the available numbers pool. The contract will probably have to be cancelled and started again from scratch.

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Re: home phone number changed over

Hi Tyler, thanks for signing your grandparents up!

I can see you've spoken to us this morning and we've cancelled the previous order we've placed with our suppliers that was changing their phone number, so I've resubmitted the order now to import their existing number.

We should be able to confirm their transfer date within 24 to 72 hours. Let us know if you've got any further queries.

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