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Port Forwarding for Terraria

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Registered: ‎20-06-2014

Port Forwarding for Terraria

I used to be able to forward the port 7777 for Terraria rather easily and host multiplayer games as a result, but I've just recently tried to do so again as a friend recently got it, and yet I find I'm unable to.
I've tried it with both the routers I have available to me, and neither of them seem to open up that port. I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with Terraria and this sneaky little port lately, if PlusNet may have blocked the port for some reason or if the problem really is just on my end.
Any advice would be appreciated :3
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Re: Port Forwarding for Terraria

I played Terraria quite frequently, never had any issue with the default port settings, which I'm assuming is 7777 as I've never changed it.
If you're willing to accept non-PN advice, try downloading the Evolve client & have your friend do the same, I generally find running the multi-player through a client helps the game stay stable. (hamachi also works, though I heard that was going premium a while back, so my friends & I ditched it.)
So imo, try a client host and the default porting and see if it works, has fixed problems for me before.