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Where to place Perl scripts

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Where to place Perl scripts

Theres a /cgi-bin folder
Theres also a /public/CGI-BIN folder
The FAQ says:
[perl scripts] will need to be in the ‘cgi-bin’ folder on the new CGI platform. On the current platform, perl scripts will work outside of the cgi-bin folder. These scripts are likely to break after the migration – so you’re advised to move them
So as it specifically hasnt capitalised the cgi-bin, can I assume its the /cgi-bin folder in the root? And not the /public/CGI-BIN folder?
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Re: Where to place Perl scripts

There is an .htaccess file in the root directory of most customer's webspace that rewrites HTTP requests for the /cgi-bin/ to the /public/CGI-BIN directory
If you haven't touched this .htaccess file then your perl scripts should reside in the /public/CGI-BIN directory
Alternatively you can comment out/rename/delete the .htaccess file and move everything to the /cgi-bin folder. Do *not* do this though if you have PHP scripts in your cgi-bin (they probably won't work if placed under the cgi-bin in root).

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