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Webforwarding 123-reg to PN free webspace - possible?

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Webforwarding 123-reg to PN free webspace - possible?

Hi all,
First post so be gentle  Wink
I know *some* bits about creating a website, but I am by no means experienced in it so please bear with me.
I have been using the free webspace I got from Plusnet to create a modest web site to drum up a little bit of business (hopefully).
Now, I didnt want to be on the advertsing, so I bought myself a domain name from 123-reg.
123-reg were chosen due to providing web forwarding - thinking I can forward traffic from the domain I bought to at first, and if business picks up, move onto proper hosting.
This does appear to work....except after reading up more on meta tags & search engine indexing, and trying to get the website to show on a google search, I stumbled across redirection using methods 302 (temporary) and 301 (permanent).
Lo and behold, when I checked, 123-reg uses 302 for its web forwarding/redirection, which search engines like Google do not hiss  Sad and the web forwarding part of 123's control panel does not give an option to change this - I have also read neither will they change it even if you contact their customer service.
The 123-reg control panel does however allow me to change the name servers and manage DNS (A, CNAME, TXT and MX records). While I know roughly what DNS does, the rest means nothing to me and its not the kind of thing I would like to chance & 'kill' my website.
Has anybody got any experience in doing this?
If I did change the name servers from 123-reg's to plusnets, is it that simple?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Webforwarding 123-reg to PN free webspace - possible?

You are best to change the name servers to Force9 name servers:
Change Nameservers to:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Then send a Ticket to Force9/Plus Net Technical Support letting them know what you are wanting to do!
That you are wanting to point: at:
This will cost £25 a year.
Hope this helps.